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Understanding First Christian

Want to join our church family?
Interested in knowing more about what we believe?  
in Understanding First Christian, we will cover
Our Salvation |  Our Beliefs | Our Strategy | Our Structure.  
We tour the church, get to know the Leadership and Ministries of FCC, and learn about numerous Church Resources.
Our next class will be held on Sundays,
August 4th, 11th & 18th at 12:30 PM
Lunch and childcare will be provided.
This three-part class is required to become a member of First Christian Church.
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Letter from Isaac

To my First Christian family.

I love that Sarah and I have been able to be a part of this family over the last 6.5 years, but at the end of this month we will move away from Florida and continue our ministry in Greenford, Ohio. I love a tagline that we sometimes say around here- One family, with one focus, and one unbelievable future. That is what I feel we are. We are onefamily, and we have one focus. And I still believe that the future is going to be unbelievable. First Christian Church is a phenomenal church that has an incredible future. The youth of this church have become my family. And I will forever cherish every moment with them. Every camp, every Wednesday night, the youth Sundays, soccer games, summer events, holiday parties, late night conversations, eating Ice cream, and so much more. I was trying to remember a favorite memory, but I seriously couldn’t narrow it down to one- there are SO many. I have witnessed so many students overcome fears, struggles, and doubt and devote their lives to Christ. To even be a small part of that, I am a blessed man.

My hope for the future is that you pray for us and send us out. Just because the location is different does not mean that love has to end. I will ALWAYS cherish this place and it will have a special place in my heart. The best way that we can phrase it is we are excited to head in this new direction, but hate that we have to leave.

I will be taking a youth ministry position at Greenford Christian Church. One thing that Sarah and I have been praying for is for an opportunity to be closer to home. I have 4 incredible brothers and awesome parents that I am excited to be close to. Sarah will be much closer to her family as well. Sarah and I have bathed this decision in prayer. Even though leaving here is going to be incredibly hard- God has given us peace in all areas.

I have been in continuous prayer for the future of this church. I pray that the next Youth pastor can far exceed what has been done here. I pray that God brings someone that can fill any void- that his strengths play into the areas that I was weak. I expect growth to continue to happen because I whole-heartedly believe that the students of this church are the leaders. Students, you know what to do and how God has gifted you. Go! Lead.

I’m thankful for a staff and eldership that has loved and supported me every step of the way. I am leaving some of my best friends on this staff. You are blessed to have Darin, Tommy, Jen and Lee leading this church. The elders love you and pray for you often. People really care here and I hope that you understand that You Matter so much to God and you matter to me.

Again, we invite you to be a part of this journey with us by praying for us. It is not easy because of the amount of love that we have for this church, but I am humbled to think about how God will continue to move through His Church both here and in Ohio.

I love you!

– Isaac


It’s Time for Summer Break!

Generations Cafe

Missionary Update from Justin & Steffani


The other day I was reading in 1st Corinthians 3 where Paul says, “I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow.” Before that he’s referring to how some say, “I follow Paul” and others say, “I follow Apollos.” He’s lamenting the fact that his people have forgotten the point, God makes things grow. I think this principle holds true whether it’s talking about accepting Christ in salvation or in our jobs as believers.
Many of you have planted seeds of prayers and finances, you have watered it by investing in us as a family, and God is making things grow in the Dominican Republic through kingdom business.
Just this last Thursday we opened our first restaurant, “Pica!”. Church, YOU helped create 3 new jobs this month!!! Praise God for growing jobs in the Dominican Republic through all of you!!!
One of the employees is a church planter/chef who is using his income to support his family as well as the church he is planting. The other two are waiters and busboys who are part of our Bridge program which is a collaboration between GO sports and Kingdom Business.
This is a response to when students age out of our sports program at age 18 or 19 and need jobs to stay off the streets. We hope God continues to grow this work so we can have jobs for all the youth who are not going pro or going to college in the states to play baseball after our sports program. Here’s our 3 new employees getting set up before our big launch!!!
Prayers, Family update & Other Stuff
We’re still getting acclimated to Louisville, but it’s starting to feel like home. Thank you to those of you who have prayed over our transition. We have found a church home, and are getting more and more involved in the community. David loves his toddler’s class at church, and is very social. He’s so active now, is walking and talking like a pro, and loves the water. We love to take him to the splash park, it’s the best free summertime activity! Below is a cute baby picture just for fun.
While I Justin travel to the D.R. and work out of the home office a lot, Steffani looks after David. However, now she is able to participate in some unique opportunities teaching ESL to immigrants and refugees here in Louisville. Last weekend she attended a training designed for this purpose. This fall, our church will host English classes for refugees and Steffani will be involved. We want the fabric of our lives to be woven with people who are not like us, and include the marginalized, the foreigner, the other.
We recently met a couple at the park one evening while walking. They’re asylum seekers from the middle-east and came to the U.S. for refuge two years ago. We had a great conversation with them, connected instantly, and shared contact information. We desire cross-cultural relationships to pour into, and we believe God brought this couple into our path (literally met on the path at the park). We’re looking forward to developing this friendship.
In July we have some travel coming up. Please be in prayer for us as we head to Union Mills, N.C. to attend a debriefing for our time overseas. We’ll be at the Center for Intercultural Training for one week. Later this summer, we get to spend a little time with our families in Tennessee and Illinois.
Thank you for your continued prayers, support and for being our people as we serve God’s global Kingdom and Church from Louisville.
Love & every blessing,
The Hemmings
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Missionary Update from the Sudsberry Family

“It isn’t the healthy”…Mark 2:17

“On hearing this, Jesus said to them, ‘It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.'” Mark 2:17
Both physical sickness and sin-sickness draw us to Jesus. He did not come to “call” righteous people, but rather sinful people, just as healthy people do not typically seek out a doctor.
On one level, Jesus explains His mission as a friend of sinners who comes to save lost people. However, Jesus also subtly rebukes the religious leaders who see themselves as righteous and without need of Jesus and the salvation He provides.
We share this text with you to celebrate what the ministry we are a part of is doing. GO Ministries is working to meet the needs of our communities both physically & spiritually. We don’t see the separation. Medical is a wonderful tool to share The Gospel through our new communities and it is changing things!
The above picture is some of the church planting team and some of the medical team planning which communities will be hosting mobile medical clinics for the remainder of 2019, talking through the training of our pastors to host the clinic, and the follow-up needed evaluation to happen post-clinic.
Or: GO Ministries
11501 Plantside Drive
Suite 14
Louisville, KY. 40299
memo: Sudsberry