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THIS Tuesday (9/18)…Hardee Help Center Devotion & Lunch!

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October 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
November 6, 13, 20, 27
December 11, 18

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Missionary Update from the Sudsberry Family

How This Whole Church Starting Thing Works.

Meet Jose. Jose is a great guy with great character. I got to know him in January as he came to one our trainings that we hold 4x a year. In one of our trainings he heard about our assessment for church planters and he decided that this would be the next step for him.

REAL QUICK: The backstory. Jose has been following Jesus for a long time. Last year a man who is a mentor and father to him was also a local pastor in San Fransisco de Macoris. This mentor has become very ill this last year. During this time of sickness he began to speak specific truth and life into Jose about being a leader/pastor in his community. Jose took the challenge by the one who has discipled him. Jose is a lawyer by training/schooling and as he practices law he believes that God is asking him to start a church (or churches).

In June we held our first assessment. It was an incredible experience to be able to say to Jose, “YES, we see the vision God has for you in San Fransisco de Macoris and we affirm it. You are the man that God has been preparing for this moment!  

A few weeks ago as we (Elvis-Local Church Planting Leader, Milton-a local missionary speaking into finance, Jose and his family, and I) walked through this city, it was so clear that this was in fact what God was up to.

Not only does Jose have a space for a weekly church service but he has also begun two other initiatives that will become churches this year or in 2019. He is intentionally making disciples and helping people to be on mission. He is also raising up an apprentice leader. 

This summer a church who gives toward our general church planting budget (WHICH IS SO NEEDED AND HELPFUL!) sent a team down from the midwest to encourage, paint houses, talk about Jesus, and affirm this local leader. CHURCH, this was the switch that set this thing off! WOW…we now have 3 churches starting in this community!

Take a look at the picture below. Last weekend they baptized 12 people. Look at the guy at the bottom holding his hands up. This guy gets grace and hope and joy and strength. THIS IS IT CHURCH!


As we continue to support Jose through training, encouragement, and accountability this city will be and is currently being transformed by the gospel.This is why we said yes to doing what we do.There is something special happening in the Caribbean and we are so grateful for your partnership in the Gospel which allows us to serve this way.

FOR YOU. What is God calling you to that you have been afraid to say yes to? Where is that place? Who is that person? There is something here in Jose’s story that should resonate with you.

We love you all so much,

Grace & Peace friends,

-Ryan & Lori, Ethan, Keagan, & Callie

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Missionary Update from Justin & Steffani


Summer time is relational time. The days are longer, and people generally have more flexible schedules. In Spain, summer is about being relationally intentional with your neighbors. From sharing meals at our friends’ campground site, spending time at the community pool, attending a communion fiesta, shopping at the weekly market, and pausing to talk to our literal neighbors on our street, we’ve tried to be present and live openly in the community as much as possible.This is also the year of visitors! We’ve been blessed to welcome and host family and friends, and almost every month of 2018 is filled with guests. Of course, they’re all here to meet David! 

Our hearts have been postured to honor God through the relationships He’s provided for us, and surrounded us with. We praise Him for the people He’s placed in our life, both near and far, and are especially grateful for all the people who have (or will) spend time or money to visit us and see what God is doing in Spain.

Summer English Camp for the “Peques” or littles. Our ministry partner Ingrid taught this group and Justin helped. The kids LOVE English and had a blast!
Amidst the summer activities and visits, we’re also just living normal life here. David enjoys daily reading time with Daddy, and Stef feeds him anywhere when it’s time (even on a park bench in Caceres!) David has even been “swimming” in several local rivers this summer!

What’s Coming Next….and What to Pray For

  • English classes start back this fall
  • Justin’s tennis group picks back up
  • Ingrid & Steffani resume regular visits with Moroccan women in town
  • September 8, “Day of Extremadura” when regional church bodies in our province will gather together
  • September 17-21, Steffani attends the Come Before Winter women’s conference in Salamanca
  • October 6, Along with our pastors, we’ll be attending a one-day church-planting conference in our area
  • October 3-11, First Christian Church of Wauchula, FL leadership team visits
  • November 8-11, we travel to Cyprus as a family for the Azmera Haven Retreat
  • We continue to look forward to friends and family visiting us throughout the end of the year

Thank you for caring and staying connected to what God is doing in Spain, and thank you for your love, prayers, and support. 

With love and every blessing, 

Justin & Steffani

Generations Cafe


Pray for Lily!

Speaking of shopping, this is something Lily enjoys, especially if it involves buying new clothes. She also enjoys swimming and arts and crafts. Lily will flourish in a home where she can be the center of attention and obtain all the nurturing and praise her extroverted personality craves.
“I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him.” ~ Samuel 1:27