Prayer Needed

Joshua Norris – Prayer for his family

Prayer Request

Darlene Pineiro – Prayer – – she’s struggling with many battles, but she knows our Redeemer is faithful and true!

Please Pray!

Joanne Deal-Pigg – She will be going in for surgery on her left wrist/hand area on Thursday, 7/5 in Orlando. This will be surgery number 14 for her. It is going to be a very major procedure, called a CMC Arthroplasty with a ligament reconstruction and tendon interposition. Please keep her and the doctors in your thoughts and prayers.
Nikki Brown – Prayer for her son (Mauricio)… he’s been sick since Thursday (6/28) and also has a double ear infection 

Tampa Bay Rays Game

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Bless the local schools

The Miller life group Is collecting basic school supplies this month for our local schools. Please pick up a couple extra things as they go on sale. Some examples of items needed are: 

Glue | Glue sticks | Pencils Erasers | Index cards | Paper |
Hand sanitizer | Clorox wipes | Scissors

Items can be left in the basket at the Connection Center.

Prayer & Praise

Lynda Abbott (Amy Abbott Franks’ mom) – She fell and broke her hip. She is in Sebring hospital, and will hopefully have surgery today (Tuesday – 7/3). Pray for a successful surgery and speedy recovery.
Gloria Dupree (Yvonne Abbott’s mother) – She is doing well & has been transferred to Wauchula Hospital for therapy for a few weeks after her hip replacement surgery.

Edith Ford – Baptism

Jack Garnett – Baptism

Missionary Update from Justin & Steffani

This is Part 2 of our Summer Update…

In our church, I have started sharing communion meditations, and the first time accidentally said Jesus ‘killed’ for us instead of Jesus ‘died’ for us! Whoops! Language is an ongoing learning skill to be sure. It certainly wasn’t the first language faux pas and it won’t be the last.

Every other Friday I lead our “reunion de jovenes” or youth group. At this time, it’s all guys, and we have a time of teaching and learning followed by some fun and shenanigans. We meet in our church building, or in someone’s home. The guys love playing ping pong, chess, and going bowling. I love investing in teenagers and it reminds me of the sweet years I spent in youth ministry back in Sarasota.

The past two months have been a bit of a blur, as we’ve spent a lot of time getting our ducks in a row with little David. Between embassy & visa appointments, medical check-ups, and all the legal paperwork required to have a child abroad, it has been quite a full season! May and June also included visits from our parents. We relished our time together, enjoyed sharing our life in Spain with them, and of course LOVED introducing them to their newest grandson!

Now, we’d like to share some prayer requests and praises.



A good hospital & delivery experience for Steffani, a healthy baby boy, and healthy, albeit tired, parents too.

Baby dedication -our friend Pablo made it very special for us and even shared a biblical teaching about baby dedications at church. We learned a lot about ourselves in the process!
New relationships forming- evangelicals are seen as more of a sect in Spain, similar to Jehovah’s Witnesses or Mormons back home. As a result friendships are a necessary stepping stone to sharing the gospel. And it takes TIME!


Prayer requests:

Open doors with a particular adult student- I’ve started sharing my beliefs with him because I felt a nudge last week. Pray that the Holy Spirit starts working on his heart and drawing him to Christ. Pray for open doors in all our existing relationships.

Summer invitations- summer is a very social time in Spain, and we’ve received several invitation to join local families for various activities (I even attended a moto-bike event for one of my students last week)! Pray we take advantage of these invitations to speak openly about our faith.

Steffani- as she spends a lot of these first weeks/months at home with the baby, pray she finds the community and friendships she needs. Pray for other mom friends, and social outlets for her

For us- wisdom as new parents, and rest when needed!

Generations Cafe

Prayer Needed

Please be in prayer for Yvonne Abbott’s mother Gloria Dupree.  She fell and broke her hip.  She is currently in Florida Hospital Sebring awaiting surgery to repair it.
Please be in prayer for Vanette See and family.  She lost her mother Sherry May over the weekend.  The funeral will be held at Ponger Kays Grady in Wauchula, Wednesday, June 27 at 11AM.

Summer Break!

Save the date for when we reconvene in August!!! Enjoy time with your family and lifegroup this summer!