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Do Something Expansion Campaign

Where Are We Now?

FCC’s campus expansion project has been estimated at a total cost of $2,000,000. We needed $250,000.00 to begin Phase One, which includes putting a new roof on the existing main building, and adding a porte-cochere to help our elderly, handicapped, and families with small children to load/unload from their vehicles in inclement weather. Phase One also includes adding a new office entrance for our future office space. We currently have received donations totaling $483,295.96 and are working toward beginning construction on Phase One.

We are finalizing Phase One plans (roof, parking and porte-cochere) by discussing different formats for building. Our engineers are in the process of developing bid documents, which will hopefully allow bidding to take place in the next couple months. A modified redesign of the west parking lot is being done to accommodate a few more parking spaces. The porte-cochere design is almost complete and will resemble a wooden park structure with exposed wooden beams and an exposed wooden ceiling. The fire department requires that the height of the porte-cochere be adjusted to accommodate ambulance access. The parking lot is to have a complete new overlay of asphalt rather than just a seal due to the amount of new construction. Building and Zoning have already approved the site plan but will need to give their final approval on the site construction plans when they are completed. This may happen in the next few weeks. No decision has been made on the type of metal roof for the church, but the standing seam design is one of the more tested and popular designs for buildings of this size. The roof color on the main building will match the new Kids World building.

Please continue to pray as we move forward with this exciting campus expansion!

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Missionary Update from the Sudsberry Family

What I love about this picture is that this beautiful little girl who lives in extreme poverty is filled with joy BECAUSE a church has created a safe space here with the Gospel. Sometimes we see pictures like this and think oh, she is happy because an American is here…the Americans are only here to support the hard work that the church has put into contextualizing the good news so this little one has at least one place in her life that gives her safety and care because of Jesus. Watching God Create.
Eddy, A local pastor praying for the Suncrest guys (Jared & Mitch)
Mike & Tim (Northridge) hearing the vision of a new church in Brisas de Yaque

What a different world we are now in.

As with you, we are trying to navigate this new space. Just 2 weeks ago Ryan was in the DR for an extended time. During this last time he was able to be in almost 30 of the communities we have new churches in! Time was shared with Suncrest Christian Church in Indiana, Northridge Christian in Georgia, and Edgewood from Wisconsin. It was such a full and fun time.  

What became interesting was that by time he was trying to fly back, the news of Corona spreading and borders becoming closed. Thankfully he made it back to be with our family during this time!

So many of you who receive this are leaders. In your home, business, and church. We are praying for you daily. Praying for fresh ideas, creativity in your ability to work, patience as you help your children school from home.

As far as things in the Dominican go as to how we are caring for the churches, here is the plan that is in place:

Monday & Tuesday: All churches are in communication with their network leader
Wednesday: All network leaders meet with the countries movement leader
Thursday: The movement leader(s) meet together with Lead Director & Director(s) to address what arises
Friday: US & Dominican leadership receive weekly report and involved in areas of need/concern
Our seminary is working diligently to get all classes online and should be ready very soon.

The kids are out of school still until the county has everything in place to work online. No sports, arts, or even skateparks…everything is shut down. The kids are playing outside, shooting BB guns, bow and arrows, riding bikes, working out, swinging on the tire swing, climbing trees…they are being kids!

Lori & I continue to work, pray, and adjust to where we are in life right now. We are grateful for the concerned calls, texts, and emails we have received.

Much love,
The Suds 5

Or: GO Ministries
11501 Plantside Drive
Suite 14
Louisville, KY. 40299
memo: Sudsberry

Missionary Update from Justin & Steffani

Finally, some new family pics!!!
Justin continues to work in the office in Louisville 3 weeks a month and travels to the Dominican Republic 1 week a month. Steffani continues to make new connections in the Louisville area and welcome other moms into groups to help them get involved with some ministries that help people feel they’re not so alone on the home front.

Lately I (Justin) have been impressed with my wife’s hospitality to invite others to get involved in different women’s groups to take away the loneliness that so often effects moms and dads alike. She’s been hospitable as long as I’ve known her but now she initiates friendships which is inspiring to watch.Speaking of friendships, we are sorry but excited to see our friends Yunus and Tugba move to Cincinnati to take a math teaching job in an elementary job for Yunus as Tugba stays home with their new baby for some time! We pray someone takes up the baton of sharing the love of Christ with them there and we sure will miss them starting next month.

Yunus loving on their beautiful baby daughter Melissa!

This picture was taken at the end of January in the Dominican Republic for the classes Justin has started teaching over the past few months. Two of these students want to start a chicken farm, one wants to start a graphic design school and one wants to start a corner store.

My friend Justen (spelled with an ‘e’ as he told the Dominicans) 🙂 came down to help co-teach and share from his experiences as a small business owner in Rochester, NY. He’s a personal trainer and has his own gym as well as a nutrition business on the side.

The 2 Justin’s hadn’t seen each other in over a decade (friends since high school) but picked up right where they left off.

It was great to see Justen use his gifts to serve others and see his heart light up for international missions in person for the first time. This was his first time overseas besides Canada and he had a blast I dare say.  🙂

The students really appreciated his insights as well as the stretches that he lead us all through after lunch to wake us back up. He even was able to help some of our American staff with questions about nutrition and inflammation.

If you’re a small business owner and would like to come down and serve in a teaching capacity let me know and we’ll get it on the calendar sometime!!!



  • Safe travels to the Dominican Republic and back
  • Living in our own house!
  • David’s health has been better overall the past few weeks
  • Yunus found a job in Cincinnati
  • Yunus and Tugba have a healthy baby girl!


  • To grow our family, God willing!
  • Continued safe travels to the Dominican the rest of the year
  • Continued connections for Stef in Louisville
  • David continues to be healthy and happy; he’s a really fun age right now!
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Pray for Nathan!!

“A picture is worth a thousand words…”
Meet Nathan, one of many local teenagers looking for a Forever Family through adoption.
This charismatic, smart, friendly, and playful young man has a big smile bound to make anyone’s day brighter! Nathan loves to be active and is a hands on learner who would love to participate in activities such as football, boxing, and Tae Kwon Do. He enjoys listening to both rap and country music and he aspires to go into the Military after high school. Nathan is looking forward to being a part of a family who will be there to cheer for him and support him unconditionally. He will thrive with a family who are easy-going, nurturing, positive, and open to allowing continued contact with people important to him.
Please take a moment and pray that Nathan may find his Forever Family.
I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him.”
~ Samuel 1:27
(Please continue to pray for Lily, as she is still looking for her Forever Family. A new church is joining us in praying for Lily; therefore, her sign was moved to that church.)