Prayer Needed

Alexis Gillispie – Prayer … Alexis is asking for prayers for her two friends who are currently overseas. They both have COVID and are very ill. Andrea, Alexis’ friend’s, father just passed away due to COVID, and Andrea’s mother is currently in the hospital with the same. They ask for healing and comfort in this devastating time. 

Please Pray

Missy Massey – Prayer for her family. Missy’s aunt, Carol Brewer, passed away Sunday morning.

Prayer Needed!

Claudeene Herron (Lori Bromley’s mom) – She has been taken to the hospital and they think it may be heart related. UPDATE: Claudeene is back home, no heart issues, going to the chiropractor in the morning.
Buddy King (Cissy Rickett’s uncle) – He’s in the hospital with COVID

Prayer Requests

Sanchez Family – Prayer

Janet Gibson – Prayer – – her breast cancer surgery was successful and she’s waiting to see if she needs chemo

Praise & Prayer

Dustie Harris – Baptism

Chloe Harris – Baptism

Kadence Harris – Baptism

Alexis Gillispie – Prayer for our GO Team in the DR. Elvis and Nuirka have COVID and maybe Julie. Please pray for healing and the availability of medical resources if needed. 


Emily Oldham – Baptism

Please Pray

Russell & Susan Merrill (Melody Thompson’s parents) – Her Dad is donating a kidney to her Mom on Wednesday (11/25), so Jason & Melody are going to Virginia for the week. Please pray for traveling mercies as well as the surgery and recovery for her parents.

Praise & Prayer

Emma Grothouse – Baptism

Susy Horta – Prayer to be able to serve in Honduras as a volunteer nurse at a Christian hospital for 3 months and then return to Africa in April 2021. 

Carrie Knight  – Prayer for Jerry Johnson (her friend, Amy Bryan’s, dad.) He is having tests to determine the possible progression of his Leukemia.

Please Pray

Alexis Gillispie – Prayer for Caius Hotovy (5 or 6 years old, the son of a friend) who has been diagnosed with a serious neurological issue. He needs lifting, prayers for healing and for strength for his parents during this time.

Prayer Requests

Missy Massey – Prayer requests:
  1. Butch Smith (husband of a former classmate) – Prayer for healing from pneumonia & COVID
  2. Libby Farabee – Continued prayers – – her blood pressure has improved a little and she has no fever. Praise God for progress!