Please Pray

Lucy Sanchez – Please pray for her son, Ezekiel. He is scheduled for surgery 9/16 to help with his breathing. 

Prayer Request

Jack Gonzales – Asking for prayers for his family.

Please Pray

Nikki Brown: Please keep her dad, Lem Brown, in your prayers he is very sick and in the hospital.
8/18/21 Update: Please continue prayers for Lem. He took a decline, his heart stopped but they were able to bring him back. He is now in ICU and intubated. He will start dialysis soon. 
8/21/21 Update: Lem hasn’t been responding to commands when woken from sedation. They are now checking for brain movement. Please pray there is no brain damage.
8/22/21 Update: God is good! Lem has brain function. They will not know if there is any permanent damage until he comes off sedation completely so please keep praying!!
8/30/21 Update: Please keep the Brown family in your prayers. Mr. Lem Brown passed away Sunday and the family asks to keep them in mind when in prayer. 

Please Pray

Steve & Lori Spinks – Steve and Lori both have been battling Covid for the last couple of weeks and are in need of prayer. 

Prayers Please

 Edward Garcia –  Please pray for Edward, he has COVID and double pneumonia and is not doing well.
 Darlene Pineiro –  She is struggling with depression and would greatly appreciate prayers.

Praise & Prayer!

Deborah Ellis –  Please pray for her sister, Teresa Simmons, who is very ill. 
Caitlyn Douglas – Praise! Baptism.

Colton Murphy – Praise! Baptism.

Jay Carnes– Prayers for his mother who is rehab at Advent Hosp in Wauchula. She broke her hip and leg during a bad fall. 

Please Pray

Jay Carnes – Please pray for his mom. She fell and broke her right hip. She’s in Advent-Sebring and just had surgery. She is dealing with low hemoglobin and oxygen and is in ICU. 
Also pray for Jay’s Dad, sister Lisa, caregiver Debbie, and Jay as they are taking turns taking care of his dad, who is a  stroke victim and paralyzed on his left side and can’t be left alone.


Ricardo Castillo – PRAISE – Baptism.
David Nieto – PRAISE – Baptism.
Marianna Nieto – PRAISE – Baptism.

Praise & Prayer

Dean Moore – Praise! Baptism.

Brian Smith – Prayers for Brian who is a pilot with Harvest Aviation. Brian has COVID and is not doing well. His lungs are not healing, he is not responding to medications, and has recently been placed on a ventilator.

Megan Eures- Prayers for Megan’s niece, Wendy Lee. Wendy is at All Children’s and is not doing well.

Missy Massey– Asking for prayers for Wayne Deeson who has to have a procedure on his esophagus. He recently lost a family member due to complications related to their esophagus which has added additional stress over this procedure
Krista Rucker – Prayers needed for Krista’s family member who is only 2 yrs old. She is in the hospital and not breathing on her own. 

Prayer Request

Alexis Gillispie – Roger Harrison has Covid as well as other serious health issues. Asking for healing powers.

Keith Stephens – Prayers needed for his daughter, Diatrah. She recently had brain surgery.