Prayer Needed

Toni Peterson – Toni has blood clots in her lungs and is in need of prayer. 

Missy Massey – missy’s cousin has cancer and is requesting prayer for some current issues with the sickness. 

Please Pray

Lucy Sanchez – Please pray for her son, Ezekiel. He is scheduled for surgery 9/16 to help with his breathing. 

Prayer Request

Jack Gonzales – Asking for prayers for his family.

Please Pray

Nikki Brown: Please keep her dad, Lem Brown, in your prayers he is very sick and in the hospital.
8/18/21 Update: Please continue prayers for Lem. He took a decline, his heart stopped but they were able to bring him back. He is now in ICU and intubated. He will start dialysis soon. 
8/21/21 Update: Lem hasn’t been responding to commands when woken from sedation. They are now checking for brain movement. Please pray there is no brain damage.
8/22/21 Update: God is good! Lem has brain function. They will not know if there is any permanent damage until he comes off sedation completely so please keep praying!!
8/30/21 Update: Please keep the Brown family in your prayers. Mr. Lem Brown passed away Sunday and the family asks to keep them in mind when in prayer. 

Please Pray

Steve & Lori Spinks – Steve and Lori both have been battling Covid for the last couple of weeks and are in need of prayer. 

Prayers Please

 Edward Garcia –  Please pray for Edward, he has COVID and double pneumonia and is not doing well.
 Darlene Pineiro –  She is struggling with depression and would greatly appreciate prayers.