Ricardo Castillo – PRAISE – Baptism.
David Nieto – PRAISE – Baptism.
Marianna Nieto – PRAISE – Baptism.

Praise & Prayer

Dean Moore – Praise! Baptism.

Brian Smith – Prayers for Brian who is a pilot with Harvest Aviation. Brian has COVID and is not doing well. His lungs are not healing, he is not responding to medications, and has recently been placed on a ventilator.

Megan Eures- Prayers for Megan’s niece, Wendy Lee. Wendy is at All Children’s and is not doing well.

Missy Massey– Asking for prayers for Wayne Deeson who has to have a procedure on his esophagus. He recently lost a family member due to complications related to their esophagus which has added additional stress over this procedure
Krista Rucker – Prayers needed for Krista’s family member who is only 2 yrs old. She is in the hospital and not breathing on her own. 

Prayer Request

Alexis Gillispie – Roger Harrison has Covid as well as other serious health issues. Asking for healing powers.

Keith Stephens – Prayers needed for his daughter, Diatrah. She recently had brain surgery. 

Prayers and Praise

Jurnee Myers – Praise! Baptism.

Missy Massey– Prayers needed for her dad, James Brewer. He was diagnosed with esophagus cancer.

Prayer Request

Missy Massey– Please pray for Missy’s dad, James Brewer.  He is in the hospital waiting for biopsy results. 
Also asking prayers for Fernando Islas.

Please Pray

Missy Massey– Asking for prayers for Carl Royal, David & Becky Johnson’s father-in-law. He was taken to the hospital for heart issues and low blood sugar. 
Please also keep Kenny Farabee in your prayers. He goes in next week for gallbladder surgery.


Shelbie Palmer – Praise!  Baptism.

Kimberly Carmichael – Praise!  Baptism.

Praise and Prayer

Craig Young – Praise!  Baptism.

Darlene – Asks prayer for her continued walk with God.

Prayers Needed

Delia Valdez – Please pray for Delia’s brother-in-law, Wally who has Covid repair. He is at Sebring Hospital and was just placed on a ventilator. Please also keep her nephew Gilbert in your prayers. He was in a bad car accident where he broke his hip. He recently had surgery and is in a lot of pain. 

Prayer Request

Sherry Mathis – Sherry took a bad fall and injured her shoulder which resulted in surgery to repair. Please keep Sherry in your prayers for comfort and fast healing.