When Do We Open: Sunday, June 28th

What If I Am Not Ready: We totally understand that some may not feel comfortable coming back to church yet, or serving in the church at this time. Please know, we encourage you to take your time coming back, or serving. Do this when you feel ready. The good news is, we will continue to provide the best live online version of our service, as possible.

Is There Risk Involved: Yes, there is a risk every time we leave our homes. When we go to the grocery store, the gas station, work, restaurants, literally anywhere. Church will be no different. While we are, and will continue to do all we can to help promote a healthier and safer church, there will always be risk involved.

Procedures and products that will be in place starting June 28th:

  • We will have hand sanitizing stations at each of our main entrances, at the beginning of the Generations Café line, at the entrance to Kids World and the entrance to our youth building. We will do our best to encourage people to use them often.
  • We have added extra hours to our cleaning services for the sole purpose of disinfecting everything that hands touch. This will be done before and after every Sunday and Wednesday gathering.
  • We will not require masks to be worn, but we will provide them for anyone wanting to use them. We will have masks available at both of our main entrances.
  • We will be placing signs in certain places, like restrooms, to promote healthy hygiene habits.
  • We will no longer be using bulletins as a way of communication. We will; however, be providing all the same information via our FCC app, our church e-news, as well as digitally on our screens around the church.
  • We have a new way of doing communion. We will no longer be passing communion trays, but instead providing a sealed version of communion that you will pick-up either prior to the service beginning or during the service. You will open it yourself and partake of it at the appropriate time.
  • Offerings will be given in the black boxes at the back of the Worship Center, given online, or though our FCC app.
  • All of our Generations Café volunteers will have their temperature taken prior to serving and wear gloves while serving. We will continue to serve all the same amazing food as we did before.
  • We will be providing a special lanyard that will identify someone who is choosing to not have human contact. The Lanyard will read: No Hugs or Handshakes Please – for our health or the health of others. This simply means if someone is wearing one of these lanyards, they would politely ask that you not hug them, high five them, or shake their hand. They, for many different possible reasons are wanting to take an even more protective approach to returning to a public setting. At the same time, we should not ignore or avoid anyone wearing one of these! We can still wave, acknowledge, smile and interact with them. We are just asking that you respect their decision of no contact.

Kids World:

  • Kids World will be making the following changes and we are asking all parents to please be flexible with us as we try and implement them:
  • We will be requiring all of our Kids World volunteers to have their temperature taken prior to serving.
  • We will disinfect all of Kids World areas before and after services.
  • We will be limiting the sharing of certain materials, toys and items.
  • To ensure these new practices happen, we are setting a new adult to child ratio in all of our age groups. Please be aware that this could bring with it some limited space issues. This is where we are going to have to be flexible and understanding with one another. With this new procedure, the number of kids we can allow in each age group will be determined by the number of adults we have willing to serve. If we don’t have enough volunteers to meet the demand of kids, we will have to ask you to have your children sit with you in the Worship Center.
  • For this reason, we ask, if you are willing to serve in our Kids World areas, that you let us know as soon as possible. Remember, if you don’t currently serve in Kids World, but would like to, you will need to contact us and fill out the proper paperwork to be background checked (do this in the FCC app by clicking Connect/Sign-up/Serve Volunteer Form). Now would be the time to reach out and let us know you are willing to help.

Adult to Child Ratio’s:

Nursery – 1 Adult to 2 Children
Pre-K – 1 Adult to 5 Children
K-5th– 1 Adult to 10 Children

Again, we are asking all of our parents to please be patient and understanding as we navigate this.

Things we are not requiring:

  • We are not requiring social distancing or asking people to remain 6 feet apart.
  • We will not be putting markers or signs in place to instruct certain directions to walk.
  • We are not limiting the size of our gatherings for our adults.

We are doing our very best to take steps to make our church a safe and healthy place to come and worship and enjoy each other. We all have to understand that scripture is very clear that we are to put others first. We are to be like Christ. So, no matter your stance on any of this, please be kind, understanding and offer love to everyone.

If you have any questions…feel free to email us at info@onefamilyonefocus.com.