Campus Expansion
                                                                                                                                                                      THE FACTS
Where Are We Now?


FCC’s campus expansion project has been estimated at a total cost of $2,000,000. We needed $250,000.00 cash in hand to begin Phase One, which includes putting a new roof on the existing main building, and adding a porte-cochere to help our elderly, handicapped, and families with small children to load/unload from their vehicles in inclement weather. Phase One also includes adding a new office entrance for our future office space. We currently have $483,295.96 and are working toward beginning construction on Phase One.

We are finalizing Phase One plans (roof, parking and porte-cochere) by discussing different formats for building. Our engineers are in the process of developing bid documents, which will hopefully allow bidding to take place in the next couple months. A modified redesign of the west parking lot is being done to accommodate a few more parking spaces. The porte-cochere design is almost complete and will resemble a wooden park structure with exposed wooden beams and an exposed wooden ceiling. The fire department requires that the height of the porte-cochere be adjusted to accommodate ambulance access. The parking lot is to have a complete new overlay of asphalt rather than just a seal due to the amount of new construction. Building and Zoning have already approved the site plan but will need to give their final approval on the site construction plans when they are completed. This may happen in the next few weeks. No decision has been made on the type of metal roof for the church, but the standing seam design is one of the more tested and popular designs for buildings of this size. The roof color on the main building will match the new Kids World building.

Please continue to pray as we move forward with this exciting campus expansion!

The Purpose
  • Build a brand new building for our Kids World Ministry 
  • Renovate our current Kids World area to provide new and larger classrooms and restrooms for our adults
  • Create new and more functional space for our staff
  • Renovate space to create a family nursery for our babies, toddlers, and their parents 
  • Redesign our current parking lots 
  • Replace our current roof with one that will match our new Kids World building
  • Obtain all new landscaping for our campus
Growing Out of
Our Space
Our Kids World ministry is currently trying
to pack over 100 kids into classrooms that are
just not big enough. There are times we literally do not have enough rooms or space for all the kids. This creates a very difficult
teaching and learning environment.
Over the last couple of years, we have had over 200 kids come every night to our VBS programWe have even had to turn kids away
in our pre-school program because we simply
do not have the space.
But, we can “Do Something” about it!  
The Kids World building will sit on the east side of our current youth building.
The new office space will be the west half of our current Kids World area.
The new adult classrooms and restrooms will be the east half of our current Kids World area.
The new nursery will be next to the worship center on the west side. 
Our History
From 1914 to today, FCC has had a
rich history, being blessed by God throughout the years.
Click on the picture below to
read our story. 
My Part 
What Can I Do?
PRAY:  None of this can happen without God showing up and doing what only He can do! Please commit to praying every day for this campaign and for the future of FCC.
GIVEWe ask you to pray about making a financial commitment, above and beyond your regular giving, and join us as we “Do Something” for the Kingdom of God that is greater than all of us. 
Give the largest gift you have ever given to the church on November 17th.
Make a 25-month commitment to “Do Something.” Plan extra weekly or monthly giving over that time period. 
Think non-cash gifts, such as real estate, cars, stocks, jewelry and other assets. 
JAMES 1:22
Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves.  Do what it says.
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