Join Us Sunday for Our Livestream!

We have two brand new things we are going to introduce during our next live service. First, we are going to include a “Kids World Moment.” There will be about a 5-minute video of “Miss Jen” leading a teaching time for all our kiddos! Be sure to have them around the screen during that time. Second, we will allow time during the service for you to actually take communion. We know you may not have everything in your house needed to take communion…but we would suggest finding some substitutes for our normal grape juice and bread…or just be prepared to spend that time during the service in prayer…remembering what Jesus did for us on the cross. We are constantly meeting and planning in an effort to bring “church” to your home that feels as close to actually being at FCC. We love you guys! See you all online at 10:30AM this Sunday!
Click here or on the picture below to access the page for livestreaming Sunday’s service!
(Please note: the actual link for the livestream won’t be active
until 10:30AM on Sunday morning.)