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Wednesday nights | Doors open @ 5:45



K-5th will experience:
  • Jam Team:
    • enjoy basics of music through singing, drama, movement, and sign language…
  • lifegroupkids!
    • kiddos are divided by grade groups to study the Bible through memory, games, crafts, object lessons and drama…
    • lessons are facilitated by awesome adult leaders who build relationships with their group and encourage peer interaction…
    • each group studies the same Bible truth arranged for their age and learning style…
    • groups participate in service opportunities to inspire them to make a difference in their world…
    • kiddos “doing life together” in a positive, encouraging, inspiring environment!


Check-out begins @ 7:30
Check-in/Check-out is mandatory using safety measures to keep our kids world kids safe…security and safety is of utmost importance to us!
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