Missionary Update from Justin & Steffani

The Aftermath Of A Fire

Some of our neighbor’s belongings in front of our apartment.
Neighbor’s porch where the cigarette was left lit.
In spite of what marketers and click bait headline writers would have you believe, very few things / circumstances / experiences change everything. However, fire has changed about everything for us the last week and a half. Well, almost everything. Our faith in God and His people remain strong.
He has continued to provide for us in surprising ways in the midst of this loss. We know He draws near to us in our brokenness. No one was home in the apartment above us that had the major fire. We got out in time thanks to a neighbor knocking wildly on our door before we were awake. No one else in the apartment building was hurt. All the rest of it? It’s just stuff that can be replaced.
We’ve been moving around the last week and a half as a result, and will get resettled in our own place the end of November. A professional cleaner who works with insurance companies said our loss will most likely be greater than our insurance policy. Our lives have been completely upended due to someone simply not putting out a cigarette fully. Sometimes you have no idea how a day will start and end.
This is why we place our hope in Christ. He is the only One who does not change, the only constant and anchor in our lives. Everything else and everyone else experiences major changes, sometimes by means of fire even.
Thank you to everyone who has been a huge help to us in our time of need. We pray a special blessing over you and everyone else who reads this newsletter as we enter into a season of remembering Jesus Christ and the miracle of the virgin birth.
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