Missionary Update from the Sudsberry Family

Top Left: Yearly Conference. This year’s theme was having 20/20 vision which encompassed discipleship, mission, and the multiplication of leaders. We had double the amount of leaders from 2 years ago.
Top Right: A new church in Mira Flores where a children’s activity was taking place. It was great to be with our local leaders encouraging them to keep being on mission!
Bottom Left: I spent time going from community to community being with new leaders and this is a new community where a woman has opened her home for a new church to meet. It is amazing how God continues to use faithful women who open their homes for new churches to meet!
Bottom Right: A team came to serve with GO last summer and upon learning that people in their partnered community didn’t have any running water, and the women didn’t have privacy to shower in their bucket shower, they provided these small shower areas for the community. Love the mutual transformation that happens when churches work together around the world!

An update to encourage you

There are so many incredible things happening right now thanks to your continued partnership! As Lori continues to grow our organization through HR and Ryan through the starting of new churches we need you to know how important the role you play as we partner together to see “His Kingdom come and will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

Some bullet points:

  • 9 Prisons now have churches meeting in them. The beauty in the prisons is that we keep getting invited to more prisons because the guards and wardens see the culture of the entire prison change once GO comes in and begins Rooted Groups, Celebrate Recovery, and starting a church (sometimes several because of context). We also have a women’s prison who might begin bussing the women to take classes from the Seminary…under armed guard. How incredible is that!
  • Over 100 communities have received food through our Covid 19 Relief program through our new local churches.
  • A global movement of church planting has begun. We are currently developing relationships & structures to build out networks of new churches in Mexico, Argentina, Haiti, and Dominican Republic.
  • Residency created. Though we are not going to be able to begin in 2020 because of the virus, we are recruiting for 2021. If you are interested or have local leaders in countries you support and think they or people in their churches could benefit from a 6 month residency (10 hours theological training & 30 hours of relational training -they are apprenticed by a local pastor) in order to return to their country or context to start a network of new churches, please reach out to Ryan. For the first residency we have Argentines, Mexicans, Americans, Dominicans, & Haitians all planning to be here!!
  • Staffing: We are up to 19 staff (US & Local leaders). If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a missionary with GO on our church planting team, let us know!! (No, they do not need to have planting experience…simply a heart for people, integrity & character, and a willingness to work hard with an awesome team.)
  • Online Seminary: Our Seminary is now online which is allowing us to build out our content in order to be able to share with others throughout the world.
  • Over 100 Churches:  We were projecting to hit over 100 churches this year…I believe we will meet and even exceed it despite the Virus.

Thank you for your prayers! Thank you for your generosity!
-Suds 5

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