Missionary Update from the Sudsberry Family

A pause.

With Ryan’s role as The Lead Director of Global Church Planting, he has been on the road a lot so this week was a wonderful pause for our family to be reunited. We packed our tent and sleeping bags, cast iron skillet & lanterns and took a few days and went out into the woods to camp. Fires, no phones, tents, card games, fishing, & hiking…all of the outdoor things.

As with anything when you look back there are things you didn’t realize you were experiencing at the time. For me, (Ryan) I spent a lot of time praying…not because of anything bad or crazy but because when you unplug from phones (text, WhatsApp, email, calls, social media, voxer, and on and on and on) and you are present in the place you find yourself you see the beauty, mystery, people, and can’t help but see Him…Father…King…Lord.

We have some great memories from this week and really it was only because we were intentional about being fully present.

*When is the last time you paused?

You don’t have to camp or travel to experience it.

Go to a local coffee shop. Observe. Pray for those you see. Sip the coffee and pray for those in that country that made it. Pray they come to know Jesus and His grace…I mean we could start churches there in a few years!!! SERIOUSLY!!!

Put the phone down.
Take a breath.
Recall His Word.
Pray. Thank Him. He is so good.

Thank you for your continued prayers for our marriage, parenting, and those we have the privilege to disciple.

Grace + Peace,
Suds 5

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