Missionary Update from the Sudsberry Family

What I love about this picture is that this beautiful little girl who lives in extreme poverty is filled with joy BECAUSE a church has created a safe space here with the Gospel. Sometimes we see pictures like this and think oh, she is happy because an American is here…the Americans are only here to support the hard work that the church has put into contextualizing the good news so this little one has at least one place in her life that gives her safety and care because of Jesus. Watching God Create.
Eddy, A local pastor praying for the Suncrest guys (Jared & Mitch)
Mike & Tim (Northridge) hearing the vision of a new church in Brisas de Yaque

What a different world we are now in.

As with you, we are trying to navigate this new space. Just 2 weeks ago Ryan was in the DR for an extended time. During this last time he was able to be in almost 30 of the communities we have new churches in! Time was shared with Suncrest Christian Church in Indiana, Northridge Christian in Georgia, and Edgewood from Wisconsin. It was such a full and fun time.  

What became interesting was that by time he was trying to fly back, the news of Corona spreading and borders becoming closed. Thankfully he made it back to be with our family during this time!

So many of you who receive this are leaders. In your home, business, and church. We are praying for you daily. Praying for fresh ideas, creativity in your ability to work, patience as you help your children school from home.

As far as things in the Dominican go as to how we are caring for the churches, here is the plan that is in place:

Monday & Tuesday: All churches are in communication with their network leader
Wednesday: All network leaders meet with the countries movement leader
Thursday: The movement leader(s) meet together with Lead Director & Director(s) to address what arises
Friday: US & Dominican leadership receive weekly report and involved in areas of need/concern
Our seminary is working diligently to get all classes online and should be ready very soon.

The kids are out of school still until the county has everything in place to work online. No sports, arts, or even skateparks…everything is shut down. The kids are playing outside, shooting BB guns, bow and arrows, riding bikes, working out, swinging on the tire swing, climbing trees…they are being kids!

Lori & I continue to work, pray, and adjust to where we are in life right now. We are grateful for the concerned calls, texts, and emails we have received.

Much love,
The Suds 5

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