Praises & Prayer Requests

Morgan Garcia – Baptism

Kaitlyn Powell – Baptism

Austin Vickers – Baptism

Tyler Teutan – Baptism

Brandon Franks – Baptism

Christy Reschke – Baptism

Ardis See – Praise because she is going home from the hospital tomorrow!

Edward & Linda Hernandez – Prayer for adoption services that God will bless them with hopes of adopting. Also prayer for Linda’s eyes and that God will take care of the problems she has had with them.

Missy Massey – Prayer for family.

Christina Milby – Prayer for Lilly as she goes to the cardiologist on Tuesday to check on a heart murmur.

Jaklynne Carlton – Prayer for her mom who had an abnormal mammogram, that she will have a positive outcome from this week’s doctor’s appt.

Aaron Walkington – Unspoken prayer request.

Cindy Whitney – Prayer for her recent cancer diagnosis.

Mike Milby – Prayer for his brother’s (Mark Milby) upcoming shoulder surgery.

Anonymous – Prayer for family and friends of Bob Fort who passed away on Friday.