Please Pray

Lee Wooten – She had an emergency appendectomy this morning (5/1) and is in Florida Hospital Sebring.

Prayer & Praise

Michael Norris – Baptism

Tina Grimes – Prayer requests:

  1. Ejay Harris (her cousin) – battling stage 4 colon cancer
  2. Lisa Tkeurset (family friend) – breast cancer

Prayer Needed!

Clarence Gantt (Darlene Pineiro’s dad) – He just received blood work back from this morning (4/27), he has stage 5 kidney failure (was stage 3 only recently). He’s in the FL Hospital Sebring ER now.

Please Pray!

Nikki Brown – Prayer for her aunt (Joan) who just found out she has breast cancer. UPDATE: she will be having surgery tomorrow (Wednesday 4/25)

Prayer Needed!!!

George Wadsworth, Jr. – His kidney cancer has spread and is now showing up in his right lung.
Peter McCarthy (Alexis Gillispie’s daughter’s dad) – He may have colon cancer.

Please Pray

Missy Massey – Please pray for Stacy Powell. Her cancer is worse and there is a possibility of kidney failure.

Prayer Needed

Ejay Harris (Tina Grimes’ cousin) – She is battling stage 4 colon cancer.

Prayer Requests

Amy Abbott Franks – Prayer for some medical tests her mom has coming up

Missy Massey – Prayer for her nephew

Nikki Brown – Prayer for her aunt who just found out she has breast cancer

Prayer Requests

Virginia Grimsley (Craig Daw’s grandmother) – She was in an accident on her golf cart and fractured her arm as well as other things. Since she is elderly, these things can take a long time to recuperate from. Please pray that she heals well.
Alexis Gillispie – Prayer request for a co-worker’s family member

Please Pray

Jack Maggard (friend of Alexis Gillispie) – He has pneumonia and COPD
Ann Streigal (friend of Alexis Gillispie) – She is under a lot of stress
Pammy Jo Roberts’ aunt – She fell at her home in Jacksonville and is currently in the hospital. As her closest living relative, Pammy Jo and Calvin are making arrangements to go up and stay with her for a while when she is sent home. Please keep them all in your prayers.