Please Pray

Nikki Brown – Prayers for her uncle, Charles Straughn…he’s in the ICU

Please Pray

Janet Gibson – She has been diagnosed with diverticulitis…please pray for healing

Prayer Requests & Praise

Alexis Gillispie – Prayer for William Gentry – – he’s the Highlands County Deputy shot in Lake Placid on Sunday night (5/6)
Darlene Pineiro –Prayer for her parents and herself for health issues

Dashawna Goad – Membership

Alissa Grantham – Membership

Tammy Chapman – Membership

Nicole Keen – Membership

Aaron & Kelly Rome – Membership

Gilly Knight – Membership

Jeff & Kim Hanshaw – Membership

Ron & Lori Bromley – Membership


Please Pray

Lee Wooten – She had an emergency appendectomy this morning (5/1) and is in Florida Hospital Sebring.

Prayer & Praise

Michael Norris – Baptism

Tina Grimes – Prayer requests:

  1. Ejay Harris (her cousin) – battling stage 4 colon cancer
  2. Lisa Tkeurset (family friend) – breast cancer

Prayer Needed!

Clarence Gantt (Darlene Pineiro’s dad) – He just received blood work back from this morning (4/27), he has stage 5 kidney failure (was stage 3 only recently). He’s in the FL Hospital Sebring ER now.

Please Pray!

Nikki Brown – Prayer for her aunt (Joan) who just found out she has breast cancer. UPDATE: she will be having surgery tomorrow (Wednesday 4/25)

Prayer Needed!!!

George Wadsworth, Jr. – His kidney cancer has spread and is now showing up in his right lung.
Peter McCarthy (Alexis Gillispie’s daughter’s dad) – He may have colon cancer.

Please Pray

Missy Massey – Please pray for Stacy Powell. Her cancer is worse and there is a possibility of kidney failure.

Prayer Needed

Ejay Harris (Tina Grimes’ cousin) – She is battling stage 4 colon cancer.