Please Pray

Horace Graham (Phil Bumby’s neighbor) – He passed away yesterday (Tuesday 8/29). Please keep his family in prayer during this difficult time.
Dan & Jessalyn Christianson – Their home was damaged in the flood in Texas.


Khloe Smith – Baptism.
Anna M. Driskell – Baptism.

Please Pray

Lem Brown – his blood pressure has been really high this week

Prayer Needed!!

Nicole Crawford – she had a stroke yesterday (Monday 8/7) and is in ICU

Praise & Prayer Requests

Ryn Heine – Baptism.
Rylan Smith – Baptism.

Ryan Rivas – Baptism.

Ross Rivas – Baptism.

Rysen Whiteside – Baptism.

Rick Mackey – He is having a heart cath on Tuesday (8/8). Please keep him in your prayers.

Missy Massey – Please pray for her and her dad as they travel to Alabama on Monday for a family reunion. 

Prayer Request

Zach Dishman (Meredith’s son/Phil & Tiawana Bumby’s grandson) – Prayer


McKenzie Parks – Baptism.

Please Pray!

David Agee – is in Florida Hospital, Sebring with a blood clot in his lung. Doctors will be inserting a stint to clear the clot.

Praise & Prayer Requests

Alice Walkington – Baptism.

Daniel & Melissa Rucker – Prayer.



Derrick Ellis – Baptism.