Prayer Request

Zach Dishman (Meredith’s son/Phil & Tiawana Bumby’s grandson) – Prayer


McKenzie Parks – Baptism.

Please Pray!

David Agee – is in Florida Hospital, Sebring with a blood clot in his lung. Doctors will be inserting a stint to clear the clot.

Praise & Prayer Requests

Alice Walkington – Baptism.

Daniel & Melissa Rucker – Prayer.



Derrick Ellis – Baptism.

Please Pray!

Cohen Herron (Lori Bromley’s dad) – He is in Florida Hospital Sebring. Please pray for healing for Cohen and for strength for Lori and her mom (Claudeene).


Julien Benavidez – Baptism.
Savannah Valletutti – Baptism.

Prayer Requests

Alicia Gonzales– Please pray for her cousin, Sylvia, who has been diagnosed with cancer.
Missy Massey– Prayer Requests:
  1. Please pray for her dad, James Brewer, to continue to feel better.
  2. Pray for her to live a healthier lifestyle.
  3. Pray for safe travels as she and her dad drive to Alabama this week.
Whitney Lackey She gave birth to a baby girl, EraNell Grace, on Friday (7/7). Immediately after the delivery, they found out EraNell was not breathing and she was put on a CPAP machine as they transferred her to the Orlando hospital. On the way she began to have seizures. Once in Orlando, they were able to stabilize her. She was diagnosed with Choanal Atresia (blockage in nasal passage). Please pray for answers, healing, and that they can take her home soon.

Frankie Green Please pray for her great-grandson, Josiah Goodrich, who was born with medical issues.


Praise & Prayer Requests

Joley Pleger –  Baptism.
Jodi Salas –  Baptism.
Presley Sullivan –  Baptism.
Darlene Pineiro –  Prayer.

Tina Grimes – Please pray for Caydance, a 5-year-old little girl, who was mauled by her family dog on Friday night. She has severe facial injuries and has been transported to Children’s Hospital in Atlanta. She cannot open her eyes and is now running a fever. Please pray!  

Please Pray

Judy Gillispie (Michael Gillispie’s mom – – Lynn’s mother-in-law) – She has been diagnosed with cancer.