Prayer Requests

Linda Hernandez – Prayer for upcoming surgery THIS Thursday (5/28). Please pray for a successful surgery, good results and quick recovery.

Darlene Pineiro – Prayer for her dad…He is in Lakeland Regional. He was injured Saturday (5/23) when a bolt on the engine hoist he was using to tilt the huge lawnmower he was working on broke & fell on him…he sustained some lacerations and has developed an infection on his hand. Also pray for Darlene as she is suffering caregiver burnout. UPDATE (5/26): Her dad is being released from the hospital. Please continue to remember them in prayer as her dad recovers.

Prayer Needed

Alexis Gillispie – Prayer for Cheryl Chapman Evans. She’s having heart issues and is alone, as hospital won’t allow anyone to accompany her

Please Pray!!

Nikki & Chris Nava – Nikki was taken to Sebring Advent Health with pregnancy issues and is being moved to Orlando.

Urgent Prayer Needed!

Nikki & Chris Nava (Mike & Melany Milby’s daughter & son-in-law) – Nikki is being sent to Advent Health in Sebring due to problems with her pregnancy. UPDATE (5/11): Nikki is home and on bed rest.

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Missionary Update from Justin & Steffani

Here we are enjoying a time out at a local farm during the quarantine.
The past couple of months have been interesting to say the least for here, the Dominican Republic and the rest of the world. We’re all ready to come out of a mandated hibernation of sorts where many people have said it feels like Groundhog Day. However, God is still at work both here and around the world.
Children in the Dominican Republic are still learning while not currently in the classroom. Many of their parents haven’t been able to work and so we want to help ‘Close the Gap’ alongside them. Normally, our parents pay $30/month to help with the cost of their children’s education. We also have monthly sponsorships that cover the rest of the cost of our school and educating children there.
We invite you to take direct action and help ‘Close the Gap’ by sending $90 for the parents’ normal cost of $30/month for 3 months while they’re out of work.
Our pastor at Southeast, Kyle Idleman, preached a sermon series some time ago titled ‘One at a Time.’ Often times the world’s needs seem so overwhelming and we become paralyzed simply by the statistics of systemic and what feel like unavoidable problems that we just learn to deal with. Millions go hungry each night, more than a billion don’t have access to regular electricity, millions don’t have access to clean drinking water. The lists and numbers go on indefinitely.
What Kyle challenged the church with was that change often happens one at a time. One person at a time, one church at a time, one community at a time, etc. Jesus often healed people one at a time or had interactions one at a time.
It reminds me of a quote I believe that is attributable to Mother Theresa. “If you can’t feed 100 people, feed just one.”
How do you educate the world’s children? One child at a time. Help us close the gap by sending a one-time gift of $90 to cover the cost of one child’s education for 3 months.

Close the Gap

I’ve recently started teaching online business classes to a couple of church planters who want to start a chicken farm. It has been a new experience for everyone involved. There are certainly pros and cons to it as with anything, but overall it’s been wonderful. It has been great to reconnect with some Dominicans via Zoom.
First time teaching online!  En Espanol!
Well, I had a translator so mostly I taught in English but still…
  • Technology has allowed me to continue classes with Dominicans and has worked remarkably well, 3 out of 4 days with hardly any interruptions, save a rooster in the background noise.  🙂
  • We are healthy as a family during this health crisis that has gripped the world.
  • My parents came a week and a half ago to visit and helped tremendously teaching us and working alongside us to give our home a new face lift!
  • For people who are sick with coronavirus to make a full recovery.
  • For our students in the Dominican to continue to be able to learn while on lockdown.
  • For our missionaries in the DR who are tired of a daily curfew of 5:00PM and just want to be able to go out of an evening for a walk or to the gym.
  • For the 33 million Americans who have applied for unemployment over the last 6 weeks.
  • For the millions more around the world who have lost jobs due to this terrible virus.
To help support the Hemmings
Send checks to:
With “Hemming Family” in the memo

Prayers Please!

Alexis Gillispie – Prayers for Pastor Jim Davis & Oak Grove Baptist Church. They had a pipe that burst which flooded the main building, including the sanctuary.

Please Pray!

Alexis Gillispie – Please pray for Pat Gugle, she is elderly and is in ICU in Sebring with heart problems.

Prayer Needed!

Harold Webb, Jr. (Kyndal Hines’ step-dad) – He’s on life support and very sick. Please pray for him and his family.

Please Pray

Alexis Gillispie – Prayer for a friend in Scotland whose 6 year old daughter is in the hospital having seizures. She suffers from epilepsy and hydrocephalus and now has the chicken pox and they can’t see her.

Barbara Jernigan – Prayer for results of tests