Praise & Prayer Requests

Carol Knight – She is cancer-free!

Emily Eddings (Hope Senkeleski’s niece) – She is currently in boot camp to become a Marine. Her anticipated graduation day is 4/28/17. Please keep her in your prayers!


Jamie Futch – Baptism.

Kyla Wiggins – Baptism.

Alize Sullivan – Baptism.

Prayer Request

Henry White – Prayer.

Please Pray

Clay Nicholson – Prayer for him and his family

Prayer Request

Michael Norris – Please pray for his family.

Praise & Prayer Request

Preston Keeling (Nikki Brown’s brother – who lives in Texas) – He was hit by a car and is in critical condition in a medically induced coma. Please pray for him and his family.
UPDATE: He woke up for a brief moment last night (1/22/17), but is not fully awake. Please continue to pray for him.  

Please Pray!

Kenny & Melissa Thomas – Please keep their family in your prayers.

Praise & Prayer Requests


Mike Spracklen– Praise: He recently got a new job and things have been much better in his marriage. Please continue to pray for his marriage situation.
Beth Poydock (Mark & Lucy Poydock’s daughter-in-law)– She had emergency surgery on her gallbladder. Because of the large amount of infection and inflammation, the doctor wasn’t sure he removed all the stones. If her blood count goes any higher, they will have to go back in. UPDATE: She is currently very sore, but is resting. Her blood count is high, but she is doing better than expected. Please pray that her blood count doesn’t go up and that she can heal quickly.
Ray Davis (Gene’s brother and Lori Spinks’ uncle) – Passed away Monday afternoon (1/16). Please keep the family in prayer during this difficult time. UPDATE: The funeral arrangements are as follows…
  • Visitation – Thursday (1/19) 6:00-8:00 PM at Hancock Funeral Home, 945 E. Broadway, Fort Meade
  • Funeral Service – Friday (1/20) 10:30 AM at First Baptist Church, Bowling Green

David Agee & Family – Prayer Requests:

  1. David’s mom, Greta, was diagnosed with 4 tumors that may be cancerous inside her spinal cord and a condition called syringomyelia. David will be traveling with his mom, step dad and sister to MD Anderson Hospital in Houston on Wednesday. Please pray for safe travels, wisdom for the doctors who treat his mom and for good results.
  2. David’s symptoms (trouble walking and fatigue) have returned. Please pray for healing and good health.

Urgent Prayer Needed!

Preston Keeling (Nikki Brown’s brother – who lives in Texas) – He was hit by a car and is in critical condition in a medically induced coma. Please pray for him and his family.

Praise & Prayer Requests

Hayden Hawthorne – Membership.

Faith Hodges – Membership.

Jim & Karen Canary – Membership.

Jessica Skitka – Membership.

Austin & Desiree Cook – Praise & Prayer Requests:

  1. Praise: Their marriage is doing a lot better – Jesus is healing them everyday.
  2. Prayer: Please pray for Desiree as she is in her last semester of school.

Denise Williams – Prayer.

Anonymous – Prayer for a broken marriage and for restoration to happen.