Praises & Prayers

Shayna Harned – Baptism

Carly Wadsworth – Baptism

Sarah Carlton – Baptism

Jim & Brenda Miller – Prayer for Jim’s dad and stepmom’s illness, and for him and his sisters to show the right support and strength to do what is necessary

Please Pray!

Sarah Higginbotham (Leslie Forrester’s mom) – She is being placed on a vent to help her body fight off pneumonia.

Prayer Request

Renee Johnston – Prayer for her uncle (Barney Brown) that has been diagnosed with cancer

Urgent Prayer Requests

Will Dufresne – He recently had two strokes and has a brain blockage. The doctors currently cannot do anything for the blockage to prevent another stroke. Their only option is to do brain surgery to reroute the blood flow going to his brain, which can be a risky surgery. Please keep him and his family in your prayers during this time.  
Tia Parker – They have placed a pump in her heart for the next 5 days to allow her heart to heal and improve. Please keep her and her family in your prayers.
Nancy Driskell (Missy Massey’s Grandma) – She is now at Resthaven…please pray for her transition.

Praise & Prayer Requests

Johnlyn Young – Baptism.
Sarah Tedder (James Parks’ grandmother) – She has been in the hospital with heart issues. Please keep her in your prayers.

The following were baptized on Wednesday, October 26:

Riley Kate Albritton – Baptism.

Trenton Armstrong – Baptism.

Bryan Conrad – Baptism.

Prayer Requests

Missy Massey – Prayer.

April McQuaig – A little over a year ago she was in a car accident and they recently found multiple bulging disks and herniated disks from her neck to lower spine. Please pray for healing.  

Praise & Prayer Requests

Jayden Rose Massey – Baptism.

Briana Liann Summerlin – Baptism.

Jeanette Rogers – Please pray for her son who recently left for Iraq.

Julien Benavidez – Please pray for him to focus on his leadership so that he can set a good example everywhere he goes.

Kimberly Canary – Please keep her in your prayers as she has had some problems with her eyes.


Jesus Vela – Baptism.

Jack Goodwyn – Rededication.

Prayer Requests

Lorie Petko – Please pray for her family and pray that she can trust in God’s will.

Anthony Molina – Please pray for his spiritual growth.

Praise & Prayer Requests

Shirley Gantt – Rededication.

Alexis Gillispie – Prayer.

Carol Scott – Prayer.
Melody Thompson – She recently injured her back – please keep her in your prayers.

Carol Knight – She is having a serious surgery for esophageal cancer today (9/27) and she will be in surgery for about eight hours. Please pray for her surgery, recovery and family members throughout this process.