Please Pray!

Cleve Richardson – Please keep Cleve and his family in your prayers as his brother has recently passed away.

Prayer Requests

Joanne Deal-Pigg – Please keep her in your prayers as she is going in for a heart cath on Monday (9/12).

Robert Murphy – Prayer.

Kathy Andujar – Please pray for her as she is seeking employment, and also pray for her marriage.

Please Pray

Ray & Pat Graham – Prayer for health issues


Kris & Kristen Harden – Membership.

Chance & Christina Moye – Membership.

Meredith Dishman – Membership.

Lynn Gillispie – Membership.

Please Pray

Rocky Glisson (FCC’s counselor) – Please pray for his upcoming neck surgery

Prayer Requests

Michael Spracklen – Please pray for his family.

Lori Magee – Please pray for healing and strength for Joey McClelland who is going through chemo and radiation for stage 4 cancer. Also, keep his wife in your prayers as they go through this.

Please Pray!

Meagan Solano – She has been having back pains the last 3-4 weeks and may have a broken femur. She is currently in a lot of pain. Please pray for healing!
Sabrina Crawford – Prayer

Praise & Prayer Requests

Michael Barber – Baptism.

Missy Massey – Prayer.

Urgent Prayer Request!

Will Dufresne – He’s been in the hospital for the past 9 days with an infection that has become septic – – they will be doing more surgery tomorrow to try to clean out the infection – – please pray for healing

Praise & Prayer Requests

Madison Hilliard – Baptism.

Amanda Williams – Prayer.

Missy Massey – Prayer for safe travels.

Steve Lamb – Please pray for his granddaughter, Ava Grace Carter, who is having unexpected seizures – – unknown cause.