Prayer Requests

Missy Massey – Prayer.

April McQuaig – A little over a year ago she was in a car accident and they recently found multiple bulging disks and herniated disks from her neck to lower spine. Please pray for healing.  

Praise & Prayer Requests

Jayden Rose Massey – Baptism.

Briana Liann Summerlin – Baptism.

Jeanette Rogers – Please pray for her son who recently left for Iraq.

Julien Benavidez – Please pray for him to focus on his leadership so that he can set a good example everywhere he goes.

Kimberly Canary – Please keep her in your prayers as she has had some problems with her eyes.


Jesus Vela – Baptism.

Jack Goodwyn – Rededication.

Prayer Requests

Lorie Petko – Please pray for her family and pray that she can trust in God’s will.

Anthony Molina – Please pray for his spiritual growth.

Praise & Prayer Requests

Shirley Gantt – Rededication.

Alexis Gillispie – Prayer.

Carol Scott – Prayer.
Melody Thompson – She recently injured her back – please keep her in your prayers.

Carol Knight – She is having a serious surgery for esophageal cancer today (9/27) and she will be in surgery for about eight hours. Please pray for her surgery, recovery and family members throughout this process. 

Please Pray!

Jeff Bell (Nephew of Jeannie Jernigan) – He was in a motorcycling accident last December and had a spinal cord injury. He is currently having complications from it, so please keep him in your prayers.

Please Pray

Martha Key (Missy Massey’s cousin) – Please pray for her as she will be having her gall bladder removed on Monday (9/26) UPDATE: Thanks for praying for Martha – – the surgery went well, she was a little sore yesterday but is thankful for the prayers and said she is feeling better. 

Praise & Prayer Requests

Missy Massey – Praise: God healed her from pain she had in her shoulder for over 4 months.

Melissa Hoskins – Please pray for her as she is having two surgeries on Sept. 22.

Robert Murphy – Praise & Prayer Requests:

  1. Rededication
  2. Prayer for inner healing, family restoration and marriage reconciliation.

Please Pray!

Cleve Richardson – Please keep Cleve and his family in your prayers as his brother has recently passed away.

Prayer Requests

Joanne Deal-Pigg – Please keep her in your prayers as she is going in for a heart cath on Monday (9/12).

Robert Murphy – Prayer.

Kathy Andujar – Please pray for her as she is seeking employment, and also pray for her marriage.