Praise & Prayer Requests

Rieken Rickett – Baptism.

Gage Harden – Baptism.

Ashton White – Baptism.

Ally Reschke – Baptism.

Mason Carlton – Baptism.

Jaklynne Carlton – Baptism.

Shelby Ryder – Baptism.

Anabelle Servin – Baptism.

Seela Albritton – Baptism.

Abby Ellis – Baptism.

Donald Ellis – Baptism.

Brooke Johnston – Baptism.

Tristan Hall – Baptism.

Julie Bridges – Praise & Prayer Requests:

  1. Praise for blessings from God and the work He is doing in her life and her family’s life.
  2. Prayer for all the lost sheep and for protection over her family and Hardee County.

Catherine Fraser – Prayer for her niece and nephew.

Jessica Summerlin – Prayer.


Elijah Valletutti – Baptism

Prayer Requests

David Lambert– Prayer Requests:

  1. James & Danna Vansickle– Prayer.
  2. Duane Shiver– Prayer.
  3. Shane Lambert– Prayer. 
Darlene Pineiro Please pray for her as she is struggling with anxiety.
Missy Massey – Prayer for her cousin (Blake Tucker – about seven years old; lives in Alabama) – – he has to have decompression surgery done in October (he had surgery to relieve headaches a couple of years ago, but is now vomiting and having drainage from his ears) – – then he and his parents have to stay in Florida for 3 to 5 weeks after the surgery. Her cousins are strong believers and know that GOD is the greatest physician ever.


Adna Metayer – Baptism


Clay Gibbs – Baptism

Lynn Gillispie – Baptism

Micayla Gillispie – Baptism

Mark Conrad – Baptism


Gabriella Stevenson – Baptism

Please Pray

Amber Rosever (Gene & Judy Davis’ daughter) – She’s in Highlands Regional with health issues

Update on Tia Parker

Tia is in Florida Hospital Orlando and has been taken off of the ventilator – – she is awake, alert and responding. Please continue to pray for Tia and her family as she continues to heal.

Prayer Request

Darlene Pineiro – Prayer.

Urgent Prayer Needed!!

Tia Parker (Don & Polly Bissette’s daughter) – Is in Florida Hospital Orlando with congestive heart failure and is not doing well. Please pray for healing for Tia, as well as strength and wisdom for her family. 
UPDATE (6/7/16): Tia is still in ICU in critical condition, but there has been some progress. Please continue to pray for her.