Please Pray

Ray & Pat Graham – Prayer for health issues


Kris & Kristen Harden – Membership.

Chance & Christina Moye – Membership.

Meredith Dishman – Membership.

Lynn Gillispie – Membership.

Please Pray

Rocky Glisson (FCC’s counselor) – Please pray for his upcoming neck surgery

Prayer Requests

Michael Spracklen – Please pray for his family.

Lori Magee – Please pray for healing and strength for Joey McClelland who is going through chemo and radiation for stage 4 cancer. Also, keep his wife in your prayers as they go through this.

Please Pray!

Meagan Solano – She has been having back pains the last 3-4 weeks and may have a broken femur. She is currently in a lot of pain. Please pray for healing!
Sabrina Crawford – Prayer

Praise & Prayer Requests

Michael Barber – Baptism.

Missy Massey – Prayer.

Urgent Prayer Request!

Will Dufresne – He’s been in the hospital for the past 9 days with an infection that has become septic – – they will be doing more surgery tomorrow to try to clean out the infection – – please pray for healing

Praise & Prayer Requests

Madison Hilliard – Baptism.

Amanda Williams – Prayer.

Missy Massey – Prayer for safe travels.

Steve Lamb – Please pray for his granddaughter, Ava Grace Carter, who is having unexpected seizures – – unknown cause.

Praise & Prayer Requests

Rieken Rickett – Baptism.

Gage Harden – Baptism.

Ashton White – Baptism.

Ally Reschke – Baptism.

Mason Carlton – Baptism.

Jaklynne Carlton – Baptism.

Shelby Ryder – Baptism.

Anabelle Servin – Baptism.

Seela Albritton – Baptism.

Abby Ellis – Baptism.

Donald Ellis – Baptism.

Brooke Johnston – Baptism.

Tristan Hall – Baptism.

Julie Bridges – Praise & Prayer Requests:

  1. Praise for blessings from God and the work He is doing in her life and her family’s life.
  2. Prayer for all the lost sheep and for protection over her family and Hardee County.

Catherine Fraser – Prayer for her niece and nephew.

Jessica Summerlin – Prayer.


Elijah Valletutti – Baptism