Please Pray

Amy Abbott Carnes – She had an endoscopy procedure done last week and goes back to the doctor on Wednesday (3/25) to find out the results. Please pray for good results.

Prayer Requests

Melany Milby – Prayer for her brother – for a speedy recovery from a motorcycle accident and financial help

Christopher Hernandez – Prayer for him to grow in Jesus to his full potential

Prayer Needed

Tonya Langston – Prayer for her mother (Ida) who is going to have surgery and partial lung removal on March 10th. please pray for the doctors, her mother’s peace of mind and for healing.


Ava Sanchez – Baptism

Please Pray

Lynn Gillispie – Prayer for her son (Brandon) – – he is having surgery on Thursday (2/20) to have his tonsils and adenoids removed

Delia Valdez – Prayer for Ricardo & Emilio Valdez and for Sonya Gonzales

Prayer Requests

Kimberly Canary – Prayer for her daughter (Joley Pleger) – – she is having all 4 wisdom teeth taken out this Friday (2/14)

Oneida Juarez – Prayer for her sister-in-law (Amanda)

Delia Valdez – Prayer for Ricardo & Emilio

Diana Sanchez – Prayer

Gia Jolene Aguilar – Prayer


Savannah Aubry – Baptism

Please Pray

Lori Magee – Prayer for her sister and nephew (Brittany Wiggins & her son) – – they were both in a car accident last Monday (1/20). Please pray for quick healing of their injuries. Praise God that they were not severely injured.

Prayer Requests

Teresa Simmons – Prayer for her son (Billy Bryant) as he undergoes a heart cath on Monday morning (1/20)

Darlene Pineiro – Prayer for her aunt (Mary Henry) – – she’s been diagnosed with brain cancer

Prayer Request – Prayer for husband & family
Alexis Gillispie – Prayer for Dana Guadalupe as she is has surgery today

Prayer & Praise

Robert Sasser – Baptism

Tiawana Bumby – Prayer for health issues…she had a skin cancer cut off her cheek and it won’t stop bleeding. She is being treated now.