Prayer & Praise!!

David Agee – Prayer – – the doctors still don’t know what’s going on with his health. They’ll be doing an MRI with contrast soon and also an MRA (to look at the veins and arteries in his brain). Please pray for wisdom for the doctors, and for their family to continue to look for blessings through all of this and stay positive.
Kim Gyov – Praise – – she is completely healed from her stroke and is having no after effects!!

Prayer Requests

Livenson Metayer – Rededication

Renee Johnston – Prayer to have more faith

Prayer Requests

Joshua Norris – His grandmother recently passed away – – prayer for peace as he goes through the grieving process

Michael Norris – Prayer for healing within his family

Please Pray!!

Kim Gyov – has had a stroke and is being airlifted to Tampa General Hospital – – please pray for healing. UPDATE (11/23): Kim did have a mini-stroke, but she is doing well and is home…she is very tired, but otherwise seems OK.

Prayer Requests

Krista Johnston – Has terminal cancer and is on chemo again

Justin Svendsen – Is having problems with his knee…he’ll find out more about it on Tuesday morning (11/17). He also has an unspoken prayer request.

George Wadsworth – Prayer for his best friend & his wife (Fred & Maria Fanizzi) in Okeechobee – – Maria was diagnosed with cancer this past week.

Prayer Need

Lori Abbott Magee – Unspoken prayer request

Please Pray!

Kristen Olsen (Lily Agee’s sister) – Please pray for her as she is currently in the hospital in New York for what they believe is appendicitis.

Praises & Prayer Requests

Livenson Metayer Rededication.

Mary Rogers Rededication & Prayer.

Ricky Wiggins Prayer.

Monique Daly Prayer for family.

Michael Norris Prayer.

Desiree Cook Prayer.

PLUR Life Ministry Please pray for the “dads” and “moms” in this ministry. (PLUR Life Ministries is all about reaching out to young people in the RAVE subculture).

Prayers Needed!!

David Agee – doctors are suspecting he has a mitochondrial disorder (a progressive degenerative disease). They’re waiting on an appointment with the Mayo Clinic (hopefully in Jacksonville) to determine if he does, in fact, have it and exactly what kind he has. Please pray for David and Lily as well as the rest of the family during this uncertain time.

Please Pray!

Gerald & Wynell Davis (Lori Spinks’ parents & Gene Davis’ brother & sister-in-law) – They are on vacation in Tennessee and Wynell got very sick and is in the hospital. The doctors have said she may need surgery…they’re working now to get her stabilized so she can come home to have it, if it’s actually needed. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors and Gerald, as well as healing for Wynell. Also, please pray for peace for them and their family as they are so far from home.