Prayer Requests

Missy Massey – Prayer Requests:

  1. For her aunt and uncle as they learn how to change their eating habits due to a health diagnosis
  2. For her son (Dusty)

Michael Norris – Prayer – – one of his friends committed suicide last week – – prayer for his family during this time

Rocky Glisson (FCC’s counselor) – Prayer for (at times) severe neck pain

Please Pray!!

Harold & Ollie Davis (Gene’s brother & sister-in-law) – Ollie has been battling cancer and the doctors are saying it could be any time – – please pray for Harold and the rest of her family during this time.  UPDATE (1/4/16): Ollie went home to be with her Lord on Thursday (12/31/15). Services will be on Tuesday (1/5) at Immanuel Baptist Church in Bowling Green. Visitation will begin at 10:00 AM with the service following at 11:00 AM. Please keep their family in prayer during this difficult time.

Prayer Requests

Joshua Norris – Prayer

Dawn Raye Cain – Prayer for her son (Edward) – – he will be in Marine boot camp until March

Prayer Requests

Michael Norris – Prayer

Julie Bridges – Prayer for her family

Please Pray!

Jack (a friend of Shane Forrester) – was injured in an accident and was airlifted to Lakeland – – he’s in surgery at this time. UPDATE: He came through surgery fine and is coming home today (12/16).

Praises & Prayer Requests

Stephanie Camacho Membership.

Emelie Camacho Membership.

Austin & Desiree Cook Praise & Prayer Requests:

  1. Praise – God has blessed them with a wonderful house.
  2. Prayer that they will follow God’s plan for their lives.


Michael Norris Prayer.

David & Lily Agee Prayer.

Prayer Needed!

Ollie Davis (Gene Davis’ sister-in-law) – She fell this afternoon (Thursday – 12/10) and broke her hip – – please pray for healing. UPDATE (12/16): She had surgery on Monday (12/14)

Please Pray!

Lily Agee – Prayer for health issues

Praise & Prayer Requests

Darlene Pineiro Prayer for rest.

Desiree Cook Praise & Prayer Requests:

  1. Praise – She now has a full time job.
  2. Prayer that her faith will be strengthened.


Joshua Norris Prayer for friends and family to come to God.

Michael Norris Prayer for friends and family who are struggling. Also please pray for him as he grieves the loss of his best friend.

Prayer & Praise!!

David Agee – Prayer – – the doctors still don’t know what’s going on with his health. They’ll be doing an MRI with contrast soon and also an MRA (to look at the veins and arteries in his brain). Please pray for wisdom for the doctors, and for their family to continue to look for blessings through all of this and stay positive.
Kim Gyov – Praise – – she is completely healed from her stroke and is having no after effects!!