Praise & Prayer Requests

Danielle Milby – Membership.

Erica Eisenhauer – Prayer Requests:

  1. To let go of hurt and anger so that she can live the life she knows she needs to live and be a good example for her kids.
  2. For her kids to deal with hurt and disappointment.
  3. For friend in need.

Darlene Pineiro – Prayer for Ronnie and family, as Ronnie’s brother is traveling to Malaysia for his job.

Missy Massey – Prayer for family with upcoming court date.

Prayer Needed

Chris Basey & Family – are in need of urgent prayer

Please Pray

Andi Woodside (friend of Erica Eisenhauer) – Kidney failure

Praises and Prayer Requests

Riley Trammell – Baptism

Bo Trammell – Baptism

Rose Schneider – Prayer for upcoming job interview.

Prayer Requests

Darlene Pineiro Prayer for her friend, Ronnie.

Vera Greene Prayer for her upcoming kidney removal her kidney has a growth on it and it could possibly be cancer.

Kathy Tubbs Prayer for Alan’s family, as his mom passed away last Wednesday evening.
Wanda McGee – Prayer for her because of her recent stroke and prayer for her family as they are dealing with this.

Please Pray

Charlie Peterson – Has been diagnosed with cancer in his liver and pancreas – – please pray for healing

Prayer Requests

Flora Sanchez – Prayer for her granddaughter.
Brenda Miller – Prayer that they can find a place up north and be able to get her family moved without the enemy continuing to put up obstacles.
Jackie Mackey – Prayer for our country and what has been taking place in other countries that may well impact our lives.

Please Pray

David Magee – Passed away early this morning (8/21) – – please pray for his family during this difficult time

Prayer Requests

Rose Schneider Prayer Requests:

1. Prayer that God can open her eyes and give her strength to walk away from those who try to tear her down.

2. Prayer for her mom.

Aaron & April Walkington Prayer Requests:

1. Aaron Walkington Has surgery scheduled for his knee on August 27th. Prayer for doctors and for quick healing.

2. Rosie Schneider Prayer that God will lead her and that she can find a path in her life to serve him.

3. J-T Bryant Prayer for healing because he is currently very sick.


Linda Darlene Pineiro – Baptism