Please Pray

George Wadsworth, Jr. – Is having surgery today (7/16) to remove his kidney due to cancer – – please pray for healing
Debra Daggett – She fell and is at Lakeland Regional having tests done

Prayer Requests

Steve & Dana Prescott – Prayer for their family
Jeanne Knight Andrews – Update on previous prayer request (6/23 post) – – baby (Dakota Ann Clemments – 6 lbs) was born on July 8th and is doing well!

Praise and Prayer Requests

Casey Hopwood Prayer for his family

Brenda Miller

Praise Jim celebrates three years of sobriety.

Prayer that the doctors can figure out the cause of the pain & numbness in her left shoulder & arm from a car accident in June.

Prayer They are ready to make the next move and move back up north. Pray that they can find a place there and make the move before the next school year.

Belinda Malloy Prayer for her children’s health

Marlene Hyde Membership

Prayer Need

Dennis Pigg – His brother passed away in Indiana on Monday (6/30). They are leaving to go up and be with the family. Please keep his family in your prayers during this difficult time.

Please Pray

Ryan Thomas & Family – His aunt (Kim Tytee) passed away at 52 years of age – – please pray for them during this difficult time

Prayer Needed

Rafael Otero (Amalia Arista’s 17-year-old nephew) – He has had 2 back surgeries in the past to install metal rods and “cages”. He now has a slipped/injured/ruptured disk and the hardware is slipping and causing him tremendous pain. He is on pain meds and confined to bed until Tuesday (7/1), when they will do further testing at St. Joseph’s Hospital. The doctor says the possibility for surgery is greater than 50% – – please pray for healing for Rafael as well as strength and peace for his mom.

George Wadsworth, Jr. – He will have surgery on July 16th to remove his kidney due to cancer – – please pray for healing.

Praises and Prayer Requests

Chyanne N. Raulerson – Baptism

Haylee Brooke Norman – Baptism

Paiton C. Raulerson – Baptism

Gavin Bryce Tubbs – Baptism

Jacarie Jones – Baptism

Darrell Hines – Baptism

Jamal Holley – Baptism

Brett Buzzard – Baptism

Brianna Rivers – Baptism

Morgan Parks – First-time acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior – – she will be baptized after talking with Miss Jen

Victoria Jones – Prayer for the kids going to camp this week

Lee Wooten – Prayer for her husband and the other Mosaic employees that will be finding out if they have jobs or not

Jeanne Knight Andrews – Prayer for her daughter and son-in-law (David & Christi Clements) – – they’re expecting a baby girl on July 23rd – – prayer for health, safety & wellbeing for Christi and the baby. Everything’s going great so far and they praise God for that.

Please Pray

Toni Petersen – Is in the hospital and has started a 3-month hospital/hope Lodge process involved with a bone marrow transplant. She won’t be able to return home until September. Please keep her and Charlie in your prayers during this time.

Praises and Prayer Requests

Krista Johnston Baptism

Raul Flores Baptism

Sandra Flores- Baptism

Theo Jones Prayer

Paul Summit Prayer for Phillip Cobb for salvation and stage 4 cancer.

Cynthia Gillespie Would like to thank her church family for the love and support she felt during a difficult loss.

Baudilio Carrillo Prayer for his family due to death of an aunt.

Prayer Need

George Wadsworth, Jr. – Has gone to the hospital for kidney stones and is not doing well