Praise and Prayer Requests

Missy Massey – Prayer for Dusty & Krystle’s marriage – – communication

April & Aaron Walkington – Prayer request & Praise:

Praise – Corwin’s doctor appointment found his kidney had swollen – – he had surgery on Friday (5/2) and everything was repaired. He healed quickly and is doing great!

Prayer – AJ will be having an endoscopy on Thursday (5/8) to find out why she’s having stomach issues – – prayer for healing and no more pain

Carol M. Knight – Prayer for Arlene Mullally (Frisco, Texas) – – she’s been diagnosed with colon cancer

Gene Davis – Prayer for Howard Bolin – – he’s had 2 strokes in the past week and is in Lakeland Regional

Praise and Prayer Requests

Caylah Dixon – Prayer to pass her college finals this week

Nancy Wolfson – Prayer as she investigates treatment options for ongoing condition

Lily Agee – She’s stepping out in faith to start a new Classical Conversations homeschool community – – please pray for the families that will become part of their community and that they will find a church for their community to meet weekly.

April Walkington – Prayer – – Corwin has a appointment with a specialist on Monday (4/28) in Orlando

Brenda Miller – Prayer for Nancy Jackson – – her father is sick and Nancy will be making the trip to Ohio this week to be with him. Please pray for his health and for travel for Nancy, as she will be driving the trip alone.

William F. Reschke III – Baptism

Latiesha Allen – Rededication

Prayer Request

Dale Crawford – Is having a heart cath on Thursday (5/1) at Lakeland Regional Medical Center

Please Pray

Bob Avant (Jeannie Mackey’s dad) – He took a bad fall and is now having some memory issues

Praise and Prayer Requests

Lee Wooten – Baptism

Earl Gaskins – Praise – – Jame’s surgery went well last week

Melany Milby – Prayer

Prayer Needed

Nancy Driskell (Dusty and Paige Massey’s great grandma) – Had a stent and has muscle damage to her heart from a recent heart attack. She is in Florida Hospital Sebring and has to stay the night – – Please pray for recovery

Praise and Prayer Requests

Uri Humphreys – Baptism

Penny Carlton & Earl Gaskins – Prayer for Jame – – prayer for her surgery to go well and for answers

Kathy Hawk – Prayer for her aunt who has cancer and will have surgery on Monday (4/14); also continued prayer for her dad

Missy Massey – Prayer requests: 1. Etta Posey (her aunt) – liver issues; 2. Elvia Cooper (her aunt) – breast cancer

Kacy Pitt – Prayer for her grandpa – – he’s going through cancer

Please Pray

John Caruso (Kacy Pitt’s grandfather) – He has cancer and is refusing the ventilator – – he is going home from the hospital today – – please pray for his family

Prayer Needed

Jesma Roginna (Kathy Hawk’s aunt) – Has been diagnosed with cancer – – she will begin treatment on April 17th in preparation for surgery

Praise and Prayer Requests

Prayer request for Jeremy Nehrkorn Family – He was killed in a train wreck in Tamaroa Illinois, leaving behind a wife and a 5-month-old baby – – please pray for his family during this difficult time

Kacy Pitt – Prayer for her mother who is going through some struggles, as she has just lost her job for the 2nd time this year – – she has been battling with drinking and has been sober for 3 months now – – prayer for strength till she finds a new job

Brenda Miller – Praise: James is excited to have 1,000 days sober as of today (3/30); Prayer: Continued prayer that things move forward so that their family can make a move and make a difference together again

Myrna Wilday – Praise: Bob came home from the hospital on Friday (3/28) – – hopefully for good; she is doing better – – thanks for the prayers

Julie Bridges – Praise: She’s thankful for “Miss” Jen and the time and heartfelt efforts she puts into teaching and guiding our children and for the time she has spent to provide the parents with extra tools to make the time with their children count. She’s also thankful for all the Kids World staff & volunteers – – the adults and teens!