Please Pray

Toni Petersen – Is in the hospital and has started a 3-month hospital/hope Lodge process involved with a bone marrow transplant. She won’t be able to return home until September. Please keep her and Charlie in your prayers during this time.

Praises and Prayer Requests

Krista Johnston Baptism

Raul Flores Baptism

Sandra Flores- Baptism

Theo Jones Prayer

Paul Summit Prayer for Phillip Cobb for salvation and stage 4 cancer.

Cynthia Gillespie Would like to thank her church family for the love and support she felt during a difficult loss.

Baudilio Carrillo Prayer for his family due to death of an aunt.

Prayer Need

George Wadsworth, Jr. – Has gone to the hospital for kidney stones and is not doing well

Please Pray

David Magee (a friend of Gene Davis & Lori Abbott) – Is suffering from several medical issues and has been moved to the hospital in Largo

Please Pray

Elvia Cooper (Missy Massey’s aunt) – She passed on Tuesday (6/10) – – please pray for the family during this difficult time

Prayer Needed

Elmo Redding (Lara Bryant’s dad) – Is in Lakeland Regional Medical Center – – he will be in ICU for a couple of days, when they will look at possibly putting in a pacemaker. UPDATE (Wednesday 6/11): He’s having trouble getting oxygen and has been put on a respirator.

Praises and Prayer Requests

Edna Roberts – Baptism

Renee’ Stevens – Baptism & rededication

Jim Canary– Prayer for his surgery to remove cancer on June 19th.

Kathy Hawk – Her dad passed away over the weekend – – please pray for her family during this difficult time

Praise and Prayer Requests

Melinda A. Spracklen – Membership

Luisa Fabian – Prayer for her family (brother, sister and daughter) who are coming into town to have safe travel.

Kimberly Canary– Prayer

Brenda & Jim Miller – Prayer that things come together for their family to be able to get moved back north and that their family wont have to spend any more time apart.


Prayer Needed!

The Family of Charles Crouse (Lorie’s dad) – He passed away suddenly on Friday (May 30th) – – funeral services will be TOMORROW (Tuesday, June 3rd) here at FCC @ 11:00 AM

Prayer Needed

Maria Montanez (coworker of Amanda Roberts) – Has thyroid cancer and will be having surgery on June 12th

R.B. Roberts (Amanda Roberts’ grandfather) – Is in the beginning stages of dementia