Prayer Needed

Jesma Roginna (Kathy Hawk’s aunt) – Has been diagnosed with cancer – – she will begin treatment on April 17th in preparation for surgery

Praise and Prayer Requests

Prayer request for Jeremy Nehrkorn Family – He was killed in a train wreck in Tamaroa Illinois, leaving behind a wife and a 5-month-old baby – – please pray for his family during this difficult time

Kacy Pitt – Prayer for her mother who is going through some struggles, as she has just lost her job for the 2nd time this year – – she has been battling with drinking and has been sober for 3 months now – – prayer for strength till she finds a new job

Brenda Miller – Praise: James is excited to have 1,000 days sober as of today (3/30); Prayer: Continued prayer that things move forward so that their family can make a move and make a difference together again

Myrna Wilday – Praise: Bob came home from the hospital on Friday (3/28) – – hopefully for good; she is doing better – – thanks for the prayers

Julie Bridges – Praise: She’s thankful for “Miss” Jen and the time and heartfelt efforts she puts into teaching and guiding our children and for the time she has spent to provide the parents with extra tools to make the time with their children count. She’s also thankful for all the Kids World staff & volunteers – – the adults and teens!

Please Pray

Bob & Myrna Wilday – Bob has been admitted to Florida Hospital Wauchula with pneumonia. UPDATE: Bob is doing better and may be able to come home tomorrow (3/28) – – also, Myrna says that she is feeling much better…not depressed! They’re thankful for the prayers!

Prayer Needed

Jim & Nancy Parry – Nancy has been diagnosed with cancer and will be starting radiation treatments – – please pray for them as they go through this time

Praise and Prayer Requests

Jackie & Skip Tamm Membership

Ward & Tina Grimes Membership

Jaxon Paul Moye Baptism

Myrna Wilday Prayer

Kathy Hawk Prayer for her dad (Cliff Jones) – – he’s at the end of his cancer treatment and is not doing well – – prayer for a peaceful transition; prayer for the family as they go through this time with him

Aaron & April Walkington & family Prayer for Aaron’s dad – – he’s been in the hospital for 3 days. They have ruled out some things but are still trying to pinpoint the problem

Please Pray

Wade & Janna Cassle (Billy & Frankie Green’s granddaughter & husband) – They lost their baby at 5 months gestation – – please pray for comfort & healing for the family

Prayer Requests

Myrna Wilday Prayer for her & Bob’s health

Missy Massey Prayer for safety for all Spring Breakers

Flora Sanchez Prayer – – she’s having medical issues and will be having eye surgery on Monday (3/17)

Prayer Requests

Jeanette Rogers – Will be having a biopsy on Tuesday to see what’s on her thyroid – – prayers for a stronger walk with God

Erica EisenhauerPrayer for her friend (Jenae) – – she’s 37 years old and dying of cancer – – prayer for strength & encouragement, as well as a miracle

Prayer Requests

Nancy Driskell (Dusty and Paige Massey’s great grandmother) – had a heart attack, doctors put a stint in Monday (3/3) and she is doing well.

Bob Wilday – Went to his family doctor on Monday (3/3) and was told that if he backs off doing things and rests more, he would be okay to wait till he returns home for the defibrillator.

Jim Canary (Darin’s dad) – Has been diagnosed with stage 2 colon cancer – – please pray for him as he begins treatment

Caitlyn Buckner (niece to Christin Hand) – Prayer for healing after an injury

Praise and Prayer Requests

Randy Abbott – Baptism

Barbara (Barb) Wallenbeck – Baptism

Nikki Murphy – Prayer to be a godly wife

Brenda Miller – Prayer: For Toni Petersen – – for healing from leukemia; Praise: One more homeless is off the streets! She’s so humbled that God trusted her family & friends to do His work in order to get Leroy into a safe home!

Myrna Wilday – Bob is home from the hospital, but needs continued prayer for healing

Missy Massey – Prayer for Dusty – – he needs a job – – he hurt his back on Friday (2/28)