Prayer Requests

Jeanette Rogers – Will be having a biopsy on Tuesday to see what’s on her thyroid – – prayers for a stronger walk with God

Erica EisenhauerPrayer for her friend (Jenae) – – she’s 37 years old and dying of cancer – – prayer for strength & encouragement, as well as a miracle

Prayer Requests

Nancy Driskell (Dusty and Paige Massey’s great grandmother) – had a heart attack, doctors put a stint in Monday (3/3) and she is doing well.

Bob Wilday – Went to his family doctor on Monday (3/3) and was told that if he backs off doing things and rests more, he would be okay to wait till he returns home for the defibrillator.

Jim Canary (Darin’s dad) – Has been diagnosed with stage 2 colon cancer – – please pray for him as he begins treatment

Caitlyn Buckner (niece to Christin Hand) – Prayer for healing after an injury

Praise and Prayer Requests

Randy Abbott – Baptism

Barbara (Barb) Wallenbeck – Baptism

Nikki Murphy – Prayer to be a godly wife

Brenda Miller – Prayer: For Toni Petersen – – for healing from leukemia; Praise: One more homeless is off the streets! She’s so humbled that God trusted her family & friends to do His work in order to get Leroy into a safe home!

Myrna Wilday – Bob is home from the hospital, but needs continued prayer for healing

Missy Massey – Prayer for Dusty – – he needs a job – – he hurt his back on Friday (2/28)

Prayer Request

Bob & Myrna Wilday – Bob is in the hospital with heart issues

Prayer Needed

Katelyn Baker – Will be having surgery to remove a cyst from her ovary on Wednesday (2/26) @ 11:00 at Tampa General Hospital

Kevin Haller (friend of Lily Agee) – Has been diagnosed with melanoma – – please pray for healing & strength for Kevin, as well as wisdom for the doctors

Praise & Prayer Requests

Prayer request for Dennis Pigg He will be testing for a job promotion

Prayer requests for the Donnie Canary family, extended family & friends

Carla Murphy – Membership

Please Pray

Mary Adele “Dell” Foster (Jim & Nancy Parry’s sister) – Passed peacefully in her sleep early in the morning (12:34 AM) of February 10, 2014. Services will be next Thursday, February 27th, at 11:00 AM at the National Veterans’ Cemetery in Arizona (23029 North Cave Creek Road, Phoenix, AZ 85024). Please pray for her family during this difficult time.

Prayers Needed

Katelyn Baker – Has a cyst on her ovary and is facing surgery

Aaron Myers’ dad (Andre) – His kidneys have shut down

Please Pray

Janna Castle (Billy & Frankie Green’s granddaughter) – She’s having complications with her pregnancy – – please pray for her and the baby

Prayer Updates

Doug Herron – Is home and doing well

Matthew Eisenhauer – Should be coming home today (2/18)

Larry Barwick – Procedure was a success and he will come home today (2/18)

Blake Tucker (Missy Massey’s 5-year-old cousin) – Was discharged from the hospital today (2/18).  His family is staying in Orlando until Friday.  As long as all is well, they will head back to Alabama on Friday.  Doctors are still amazed at how well he is doing and how quickly he has recovered.  He was originally going to be discharged on Wednesday…PRAISE GOD!!! Please continue to lift him and his family in prayer as he continues to heal from surgery.