Prayer Update

Miranda Hogue – Is feeling very sore, mainly in her neck and shoulders. Her hand is now starting to become a concern – – she can’t move two of her fingers (this was the hand she had to have stitches in) – – so please be praying that her fingers start working. The ER said if they don’t start working in 3 days, then she will have to go see a surgeon – – please pray that she can avoid that!

Prayer Needed

Miranda Hogue (Andy & Jamie’s daughter) – Was involved in an accident this morning and is on her way to Sarasota Memorial Hospital – – they’re not sure of the extent of her injuries, but she does have a pretty good cut on her hand. Please pray that they don’t find any other injuries and that she recovers quickly from the accident. UPDATE: All x-rays came back clear…no broken bones. They’re going to stitch up her hand and then send her home.

Please Pray

Missy Massey – Prayer for Dusty – – he’s without a job again – – prayer for guidance so he knows where God wants him to work (not just another job)

Prayer Requests

Genny Johnson – Prayer for the mission trip she’ll be going on with her home church to Guatemala in March – – prayer for safety & unity and for God’s will to be done

Leona & Don Dirks – Prayer requests:

1. Paula Panice – cancer

2. Mary Jo Bressler – stroke

3. Alana – drug addict

Prayer Requests & Prayer Update

Arlie Thompson – Prayer for some health issues

Myrna Wilday – Update on Arlie Wooter – – he came home last week and is doing well – – thank you for all the prayers!

Adam Henry – Prayer for his grandpa (Rich Henry) – – Health issues

Praise and Prayer Requests

Kayla Hopwood – Baptism

Prayer request for the family of Miranda Vansickle – she suddenly passed away leaving 2 young children and a husband – – prayer for healing and comfort for the family

Paul & Peggy Thompson – Prayer for their daughter (Holly Thompson) as she continues to work in Tacoma – – she’s having some challenges

Please Pray

Ester Albritton – Has been very ill and was in the hospital for a while – – there’s a possibility she may have some cancer

Praise and Prayer Requests

Cynthia Rangel – Baptism

Caelan Cisneros – Prayer for his friend (Paul) to find a place to stay and to get back on his feet

Praise & Prayer

Justin M. Gray – Baptism

Derrick Andrew Reschke – Baptism

Renee Johnston – Prayer for her grandfather (Edsel Massey) – – he is at the end stages of his life due to cancer – – prayer for her grandmother to have strength to continue to take care of him, and prayer for him to be pain free and for his soul to be ready

Carey Crawford – Praise – – she’s thankful for all the prayers over the past year. She has finished all cancer treatments and has been told by her oncologist that she is cancer free! She will now go for check-ups every 3 months at Moffit.

Myrna Wilday – Praise reports:

  1. Arlie Wooter – Is in rehab and doing much better
  2. Her son (Jarry) – Was able to fix his home against the cold

Missy Massey – Prayer requests & praise reports:

  1. Richard Falkner – Had a rodeo accident and will be having reconstructive surgery tomorrow (Monday – 12/30)
  2. Dusty Massey – His appendix is swollen – – he will have blood work and an ultrasound done at 4:00 on Monday (12/30)
  3. Bradley Brewer (her nephew) – He survived a wreck and has a compressed vertebrae
  4. Praise for safe travels coming home on Friday (12/27)

Darlene Pineiro – Prayer requests:

  1. Mimi Miller – Is suffering some heavy depression and needs God’s help to return to Florida
  2. Alene Allen (her aunt) – Her husband (Carnell) passed away early Sunday morning (12/29)

Jim & Nancy Parry – Prayer requests:

  1. They have been sick with colds for 2 weeks – – prayer for healing
  2. Dell (Nancy’s sister in Arizona) – Is not doing well – – Jim & Nancy will be flying out on Saturday (1/4) to be with her and they’re not sure when they will be back

Susan Roberts – Is thankful for all the prayers for her grandson (Drew Thomas) – – he came home Friday night and is doing much better – – doctor thinks it was a bad stomach bug

Please Pray

Susan Roberts – Prayer for her grandson (Drew Thomas) – – he has been taken to Florida Hospital, Orlando – – he has had severe stomach pains since Monday