Please Pray

Lily Agee – Has an infected wisdom tooth – – she’s going to the dentist today to see about having all 3 of her wisdom teeth extracted – – please pray for wisdom for the doctor and a quick healing for Lily

Praises and Prayer Requests

Mary J. Rogers – Baptism

Lilyan Elizabeth Agee “Lizzie” – Baptism

Shane Hodges – Baptism

Mary Lugo – Prayer & praise: PrayerHer daughter (Barbara Curts) is facing some health issues – – please pray for healing. PraiseHer son (Sgt. Mark Carte) has returned safely from deployment at Qatar – – please pray for him as he adjusts to being back home. (Their family thanks you for your prayers for his safe return over this past year.)

David Agee – Prayer for wisdom to make right decisions about bringing Jesus’ message to the elderly in a faith-based initiative

Donna Roberts – Prayer for her aunt (Shirley) – – she’s on/off life support and having a hard time with the feeding tube

Jeff & Martha Long – Prayer for courage and healing as Jeff goes through another surgery for cancer – – help to trust in God and live in His will

Erica Eisenhauer – Prayer for strength and answers to why she keeps getting sick – – she wants to be whole & not stress and be a better parent

Prayer Update

Miranda Hogue – Is feeling very sore, mainly in her neck and shoulders. Her hand is now starting to become a concern – – she can’t move two of her fingers (this was the hand she had to have stitches in) – – so please be praying that her fingers start working. The ER said if they don’t start working in 3 days, then she will have to go see a surgeon – – please pray that she can avoid that!

Prayer Needed

Miranda Hogue (Andy & Jamie’s daughter) – Was involved in an accident this morning and is on her way to Sarasota Memorial Hospital – – they’re not sure of the extent of her injuries, but she does have a pretty good cut on her hand. Please pray that they don’t find any other injuries and that she recovers quickly from the accident. UPDATE: All x-rays came back clear…no broken bones. They’re going to stitch up her hand and then send her home.

Please Pray

Missy Massey – Prayer for Dusty – – he’s without a job again – – prayer for guidance so he knows where God wants him to work (not just another job)

Prayer Requests

Genny Johnson – Prayer for the mission trip she’ll be going on with her home church to Guatemala in March – – prayer for safety & unity and for God’s will to be done

Leona & Don Dirks – Prayer requests:

1. Paula Panice – cancer

2. Mary Jo Bressler – stroke

3. Alana – drug addict

Prayer Requests & Prayer Update

Arlie Thompson – Prayer for some health issues

Myrna Wilday – Update on Arlie Wooter – – he came home last week and is doing well – – thank you for all the prayers!

Adam Henry – Prayer for his grandpa (Rich Henry) – – Health issues

Praise and Prayer Requests

Kayla Hopwood – Baptism

Prayer request for the family of Miranda Vansickle – she suddenly passed away leaving 2 young children and a husband – – prayer for healing and comfort for the family

Paul & Peggy Thompson – Prayer for their daughter (Holly Thompson) as she continues to work in Tacoma – – she’s having some challenges

Please Pray

Ester Albritton – Has been very ill and was in the hospital for a while – – there’s a possibility she may have some cancer

Praise and Prayer Requests

Cynthia Rangel – Baptism

Caelan Cisneros – Prayer for his friend (Paul) to find a place to stay and to get back on his feet