Please Pray

Susan Roberts – Prayer for her grandson (Drew Thomas) – – he has been taken to Florida Hospital, Orlando – – he has had severe stomach pains since Monday

Prayer Update

Myrna Wilday – Prayer update…

  1. Arlie Wooter – Had triple by-pass surgery on 12/18; also prayer for his salvation. UPDATE: Arlie is doing very well – – thank you for continuing to pray – – it’s making a difference…he and his wife see it and are giving God the credit!

Prayer Requests

Rose Schneider – Prayer that she will stand strong in her faith while she’s away in the service.

Stephanie Wittie – Prayer for the health of her brother-in-law who is suffering through a lot of medical issues. Also, prayer that she receives a promotion at her job.

Prayer Request

Missy Massey – Prayer for safe travel for her dad, sister and herself as they travel to Alabama for Christmas…they will be back on Friday.

Prayer Needed

Jamie Hogue – Will be having surgery on Monday (12/23) in Sarasota – – please pray for a successful surgery and speedy recovery

Please Pray

Roy Hostedler (friend of Uri Humphreys) – He’s an electrician that works with Uri – – he was involved in an electrical explosion at work that has left him with severe burns and they’ve had to remove several of his fingers since the accident – – please pray for healing and peace as he adjusts to this life change

Praise and Prayer Requests

Christina Milby – Baptism

Jim & Nancy Parry – Prayer requests:

  1. Karen & Fred Laning – Fred lost his job

  2. Parry-Hazard – (Extended family) for health, safety and (above all) salvation

  3. Our church Pastors & their families

Myrna Wilday – Prayer requests:

  1. Arlie Wooter – Will be having a stent put in his vein at 1:00 on Monday (12/16); also prayer for his salvation. UPDATE: Arlie had triple bypass surgery today (12/18) – – he came through the surgery well – – thank you for praying

  2. For her son (Jarry) – to be able to fix his home from cold draft

Please Pray

Ester Albritton – is in Florida Hospital – Sebring – – please pray for healing

Prayer Request

Ron Abraham – Had knee surgery last week – – he’s still in the hospital recovering, but isn’t ready for visitors yet – – please keep him and Naomi in your prayers

Prayer Requests

Brenda Miller – Prayer requests:

1. She’s struggling with her family being apart – prayer that a way is made for them to be together soon

2. Prayer for a family friend (Craig) – he’s in ICU for the 2nd time in a month with sepsis & diabetes complications

3. Prayer-  her ex-mother-in-law and her grandfather were both put into care facilities for Alzheimer’s -prayer for their spouses and kids to  know that they made the right decision for them

Luisa Fabian – Prayer for her mother (Maria) who is sick