Prayer Needed

Terri Brown – Prayer for 3 elementary age children that were run over while attempting to board the school bus this morning. One of the children has been airlifted to Tampa General and is listed in critical condition. The other 2 were treated at Florida Hospital Wauchula and are okay. UPDATE: all children are doing well.

Please Pray

Brian Staton (Robert Roberts’ nephew & Lucille Roberts’ grandson) – Was in a fatal car accident – – please keep his family in prayer during this difficult time.

Alexis Gillispie – Prayer for her mother – – hospice is with her in critical care and they would be surprised if she stays here for a week or two.

Prayer & Praise

Dusti Taylor – Prayer for Reggie Brown – – possible heart attack

Prayer request for Suzanne See – She has very high blood pressure

Missy Massey – Prayer requests:

  1. Savannah (Dusty & Krystle’s baby) – – she’s sick and had to go to the ER in Sebring – – she will be going to see her pediatrician Monday (10/21) as a follow up
  2. Jayden (Dusty & Krystle’s oldest) – – she’s getting sniffles & coughs
  3. Krystle – – prayer as she returns to work – – for her to have the strength to deal with all this

Billy & Frankie Green – They’re thankful for all the prayers and encouraging notes – – please continue to lift them up in prayer

Debra Glisson – Has another infection – – she and Rocky (our counselor) are trusting God for a healing so she won’t have to be put back in the hospital on an IV antibiotic

Praises and Prayer Requests

Reggie Allen Brown – Baptism

Dick & Caroline Ellis – Prayer requests:

  1. Brad Ellis – Continued prayer to find out what is really wrong with his health and to get the right help
  2. Scott & Karen Mellon (friends of Dick & Caroline in Michigan) – Their 20 year old son was killed in a car crash on 10/9 – – prayer for the family during this difficult time

Rose Schneider – Prayer

Don Simmers – Praise for a good bill of health

April Walkington – Praise – – thankful for God’s blessings in their lives; also prayer for Domonique Rose Schneider as she leaves on 10/15 for basic training

Don Bissett – Prayer for Polly – – she’s having a tough time with work, taking care of Don and other family issues – – prayer for strength

Prayer Update

Brandy Castleberry – Brandy and the baby (Hunter) are doing great – – Brandi is home from the hospital anxiously anticipating Hunter’s birth in January!

Emmitt Albritton – Will be admitted to the hospital in Birmingham on October 23rd to begin bone marrow treatment in preparation for the bone marrow transplant

Praises and Prayer Requests

Kaylee Ayers – Baptism

Savannah Svendsen – Baptism

Rose Schneider – Prayer – – needs peace about her decision to go into the service – – needs to know it’s God’s will

Missy Massey – Prayer for Ampara Islas – – she has a possible blood clot in her foot. Her husband (Fernando) needs a job and can only do light duty due to blood clots he has also.

Krystle Massey – Prayer for Dusty – – he’s struggling with some stuff and needs to give it to God; also continued prayer for their marriage

Brandy Castleberry (Bill & Tracy Davis’ daughter) – She’s in Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies in Orlando recovering from an appendectomy after her appendix ruptured. (She’s 20+ weeks pregnant.) UPDATE: Brandy and the baby (Hunter) are doing great and may get to come home earlier than originally expected!

Please Pray

Mike & Kristin Olsen (Lily Agee’s sister & brother-in-law) – Kristin is 18 weeks pregnant and lost the baby – – please pray for healing and peace

Praises and Prayer Requests

Amalia Shyann Rivera – Baptism

Christopher Nickerson – Baptism

Lacee Jane Ayers – Baptism

Crystal Miller – Prayer requests:

  1. Wanda Ramirez – Has bone cancer and other health issues
  2. Barbara Criss – Health issues

Brenda Miller – Prayer

Melany Milby – Unspoken prayer

Sandra Bryant & Family – Prayer for Aaron Walkington – – he has a leaky heart valve and an enlarged heart

Prayer Update – PRAISE!

Klaus Kiefer (Julie Hartman’s dad) – Is doing MUCH better! His problem was medicine related and the doctors are working with Julie to create a plan for when he gets home. Please keep praying – – for wisdom for Julie as she is making these choices.

Praises and Prayer Requests

Tracy Dansby – Prayer for her uncle (Roger Ingle) – – he was in a bad accident (was run over by a construction truck) and is in critical condition at Tampa General Hospital

Pierre Lazarre – Prayer – – is having knee surgery this Friday (9/27) – – prayer for a good surgery and speedy recovery

D. Williams-Tatis – She’s thankful for the prayers for her family; please continue to pray for her and her sons – – for wisdom and godly understanding and that they will walk in an upright way like God wants them to

Missy Massey – Prayer for her children to have a firsthand experience with Jesus. She’s thankful for the new study and that she has a firsthand experience with God!

Justin Gray – Prayer for his dad (Jason Gray) and himself

James & Penny Carlton – Prayer – – they will be going to Houston for an appointment on 9/30 – – prayer for safety and a good report

Darlene Pineiro – Rededication

Dusti Taylor – Prayer for a co-worker and family – – her dad’s cancer has returned and he has chosen not to have treatments. Prayer for God to give Dusti the right words to say as she tries to be there for her.

D’Lise Wycoff – Requests:

  1. Praise – Her surgery went very well and she has a short recovery – – thank you to all who prayed!
  2. Prayer – She’s having many attacks in her life – – prayer for strength & guidance; also unspoken prayer