Please Pray

Mike & Kristin Olsen (Lily Agee’s sister & brother-in-law) – Kristin is 18 weeks pregnant and lost the baby – – please pray for healing and peace

Praises and Prayer Requests

Amalia Shyann Rivera – Baptism

Christopher Nickerson – Baptism

Lacee Jane Ayers – Baptism

Crystal Miller – Prayer requests:

  1. Wanda Ramirez – Has bone cancer and other health issues
  2. Barbara Criss – Health issues

Brenda Miller – Prayer

Melany Milby – Unspoken prayer

Sandra Bryant & Family – Prayer for Aaron Walkington – – he has a leaky heart valve and an enlarged heart

Prayer Update – PRAISE!

Klaus Kiefer (Julie Hartman’s dad) – Is doing MUCH better! His problem was medicine related and the doctors are working with Julie to create a plan for when he gets home. Please keep praying – – for wisdom for Julie as she is making these choices.

Praises and Prayer Requests

Tracy Dansby – Prayer for her uncle (Roger Ingle) – – he was in a bad accident (was run over by a construction truck) and is in critical condition at Tampa General Hospital

Pierre Lazarre – Prayer – – is having knee surgery this Friday (9/27) – – prayer for a good surgery and speedy recovery

D. Williams-Tatis – She’s thankful for the prayers for her family; please continue to pray for her and her sons – – for wisdom and godly understanding and that they will walk in an upright way like God wants them to

Missy Massey – Prayer for her children to have a firsthand experience with Jesus. She’s thankful for the new study and that she has a firsthand experience with God!

Justin Gray – Prayer for his dad (Jason Gray) and himself

James & Penny Carlton – Prayer – – they will be going to Houston for an appointment on 9/30 – – prayer for safety and a good report

Darlene Pineiro – Rededication

Dusti Taylor – Prayer for a co-worker and family – – her dad’s cancer has returned and he has chosen not to have treatments. Prayer for God to give Dusti the right words to say as she tries to be there for her.

D’Lise Wycoff – Requests:

  1. Praise – Her surgery went very well and she has a short recovery – – thank you to all who prayed!
  2. Prayer – She’s having many attacks in her life – – prayer for strength & guidance; also unspoken prayer

Prayers Needed

Klaus Kiefer (Julie Hartman’s dad) – He is currently in Roanoke Memorial Hospital, Roanoke, VA – – he is not doing well and suffering from liver damage. Many prayers are needed.

Please Pray

Don Bissette – Will be having neck surgery tomorrow (Wednesday – 9/18) at Lee Memorial in Cape Coral. UPDATE: Don’s neck surgery to repair some nerve damage and scar tissue went excellent.  He is currently in recovery and will most likely be coming home from the hospital on Friday at some point.

Praises and Prayer Requests

Paul & Peggy Thompson – Membership

Amalia Arista – Membership

Bret & Jenny Moye – Membership

Leigh LaJeunesse – Membership

Kelley Long – Membership

Joanne Deal-Pigg – Membership

John & Karen O’Neal – Membership

Tracy Davis – Membership

Lorie Ayers – Membership

Ashley Svendsen – Membership

Tonya Langston – Membership

Larry & Katie Taylor – Membership

Mary Lugo – Prayer for Betty McNabb – – she’s very ill with the flu

Rose Schneider – Prayer for all of her family

Matthew & Ashley Smith – Prayer for Carli (their 1-month old foster child) – – she will be leaving their home next week, destined for the home of a non-relative caregiver. They are uncertain of the new caregiver’s faith and ask for prayer for her future. Also, prayer for their family during this time.

D’Lise Wyckoff – Prayer for the trials she is going through – – prayer for strength and guidance as she walks the path God has her on. Also, she’s having surgery next Wednesday (9/25) – – prayer that all goes well and the she has a quick recovery.

Please Pray

Suzanne See – Is on her way to the hospital in Sebring – – she’s having problems with her arthritis and is in a lot of pain

Please Pray

Rocky Glisson – Prayer for his wife (Debra) – – she was doing well after her surgery last month, but is now having pain again – – she sees her surgeon tomorrow (9/10) – – prayer for a good report and for healing

Praises and Prayer Requests

Jacob Pigg – Baptism

Nancy Abbott – Baptism

Missy Massey – Requests:

1. PraiseKrystle & Savannah are home and doing well! She’s thankful that Jayden is adjusting as well.

2. PrayerContinue praying for Dusty – – for God to touch his heart and to come back into a relationship with Jesus.

Lori AbbottPraise – – A close friend who had terminal lung cancer went for a PET scan this past week – – he has been 6 months cancer free!!

Kimberly CanaryPrayer for her uncle (Wendell Cole)

Tiawana BumbyPrayer for her daughter (Meredith Dishman) – – she will get out of prison on October 27th – – please pray for her and for their family to show love and forgiveness

Jim & Jackie Alls – Jackie had open heart surgery to replace a valve on Tuesday (9/3). Surgery went well and she came home on Saturday (9/7) – – she’s doing great! Please pray for healing.