Please Pray

Betty Staley – She missed some steps when coming out of her house and hurt her leg and ankle and can hardly get around – – please pray for healing

Praise and Prayer Requests

Tonya Langston – Baptism

McKenzie Parks – Is having a tonsillectomy on Tuesday (7/30)

Missy Massey – Prayer/Praise: Prayer – for travel mercies on Friday (8/2) – she will be driving to Alabama alone. Praise – Dusty got a job (prayer that he will feel the need to mend relationships) Praise – She’s thankful for God’s provision when she needs things.

Praise and Prayer Requests

Shaine Reas – Baptism

Lee Anna Reas – Baptism

Bret Moye – Baptism

Jennifer Moye – Baptism

Kelly Long – Baptism

Luisa Fabian – Baptism

Terri Svendsen – Prayer for traveling mercy for Team Hardee Travel Baseball Team  as they travel to Myrtle Beach, S.C. on 7/26 through 8/3

Elaine Rivera – Prayer for the family of Rosario Diaz who passed away 7/13

Stacie Whaley – Prayer requests:

  1. Closure
  2. School- N.W.E.S.
  3. Melany Milby’ s brother who was involved in a motorcycle accident – – pray for his recovery
  4. Unspoken

Prayer Request

Brandi McNulty — please pray for a friend — Kim McKibbin’s granddaughter Maya who was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor today. She will be undergoing 6-8 months of chemo. Maya is 12 years old. Pray God’s healing hand be upon her and give the family peace as they got through this trying time.

Praise and Prayer Requests

John & Sara Hall – Praise & Prayer – – they’re in the process of adopting a little boy (Tristan) – – pray for the transitions not only for Tristan, but for their girls, their family, and Tristan’s foster dad.

Missy Massey – Prayer requests:
1. Dusty Massey – to listen to God and come back to church
2. Paige Massey – to desire her career choice and seek employment in that area
3. Missy – for family relationships to come back together

Aaron & April Walkington – Prayer requests:
1. Aaron – he feels God has directed him to help young adults and he is looking for guidance to do it God’s way!
2. Prayer – for a fellow Christian in need of prayer
3. April – Prayer for her wrist – – she has a surgical consult on Wednesday (7/17)

Chris & Brandi Basey – Prayer requests:
1. Travis, Brandi & Baby Peyton Maldonado – Peyton was born on Friday and they’re all doing well!
2. Prayer – for a homeless man they’ve come in contact with
3. Bill & Dee – health issues
4. Mrs. Francis – Recovering from back surgery

Rose Schneider – Rededication


Please Pray

Billy Green – Health issues

Myles Albritton, Sr. (Judy Davis’ dad) – Health issues – – he’s in Bartow Regional Medical Center

Prayer Requests

Elainna Allen – Prayer for Mark Kiella – – he’s having health issues

D. Williams-Tatis – Prayer for Gloria Jameson – – she was injured last week and will have to have emergency surgery – – she will be out of work for 6-8 weeks

Praise and Prayer Requests

Mike Burch – Prayer – – he was laid off from his job last week and is praying for God’s provision of a new job close enough that they won’t have to move

Ester Albritton – Prayer – – she’s in Highlands Regional Medical Center after having a heart attack

Brenda & James Miller – Praise – – On July 4th, Jim will celebrate two years of independence from alcohol. They know he couldn’t have done it without God. He wants their church family to know how much he appreciates the unconditional love shown to him – – it has helped greatly.

Please Pray

Marcelle Komenars (Billy Green’s sister) – Passed away today (Monday 7/1) – – please keep her family in prayer during this difficult time (they live in Canton, Michigan)

Praise and Prayer Requests

D’Lise Wyckoff – Prayer & praise requests:

  1. Kayla Austin – Her great aunt (Betty Bryant) passed away on Sunday (6/23) – – please keep the family in prayer during this difficult time
  2. Stephanie Roberson & Malachi – Praise – – Malachi was able to come home on Saturday from All Children’s Hospital – – prayer that he keeps getting better and is well soon
  3. Unspoken Prayer