Please Pray

Eloise Green (Billy Green’s sister-in-law) – She’s in the hospital in Tallahassee – – she’s on a ventilator and having heart problems

Praises and Prayer Requests

Bev Whaley – Prayer for her brother-in-law (Rueben Boyd) – – he’s in the hospital in Atlanta with heart problems

April Walkington – She would like thank everyone for their support and love during this difficult time in their family. Please continue to pray for all parties involved – – that God works on them all and they grow because of it.

Krystle Massey – Prayer requests:

1.   Missy Massey – Prayer for safe travel home from Alabama
2.   Dusty Massey – Continued prayer
3.   Herself – She has about 3 weeks left of her pregnancy and she’s getting nervous – – prayer for peace and strength

Darlene Pineiro – Prayer for a dear friend (Ronnie Hamrick) – – for God’s leading and His perfect will for Ronnie as he follows after God’s heart

D. Williams-Tatis – Prayer requests:

1.   Gloria Jameson – She wants to become a member of FCC – – please reach out to her during her recovery from injury to her legs (P.O. Box 9998, Zolfo Springs, FL 33890)
2.   Herself & her family – Prayer for healing – – both physically & spiritually

Lori Abbott – Prayer for Brittany Abbott Wiggins – – she’s in ICU in Tampa General due to a medication allergy – – prayer for healing & guidance for the doctors (UPDATE: she has been moved to a private room)

D’Lise Wyckoff – Prayer requests:

1.   Stephanie Roberson – She is in a trying time – – prayer for understanding, peace & acceptance
2.   Stephanie Helveston – She is down in her back and in a lot of pain; also an unspoken prayer request for her

Lorie Crouse – Prayer for her family – – her dad (whom she hasn’t seen in 16 years) is coming to live with them – – prayer for God to be at the center of this change

Rocky Glisson – Prayer for his wife (Debra) – – she has diverticulitis and is looking at the prospect of having to have her colon removed – – prayer for healing

Caroline Ellis – Prayer requests:

1.   Brad Ellis – Continued prayer – – he is still having dizzy spells and doctors can’t seem to find the cause after several tests. He will be seeing another specialist at the end of the month – – prayer that they find out what is causing his problems.
2.   Dick & Caroline – They will be traveling out of the country from 8/15-8/28 – – prayer for traveling mercies

Please Pray

Robin Perez (Bobby Senkeleski’s aunt) – She suffered a massive stroke and has quite a bit of damage – – the doctor says her prognosis is not good at this time. She’s in St. Joseph’s Hospital – Tampa.

Ester Albritton – She’s very thankful for the prayers and is doing better – – please continue to pray for complete healing

Praises & Prayers

August 4, 2013

Amanda Purdy – Baptism

Bradley Williams – Baptism

April Walkington – Prayer for Tina Grice – – she is 35+ weeks in her pregnancy and is having a bad time with it – – prayer that God holds her and the baby until it is healthy for him to come into this world

Kathy Hawk – Prayer for her dad (Cliff Jones) – – he is going to be starting chemo and needs prayer since he is already in a weakened state health-wise

Krystle Massey – Praises & Prayer:

1. Praise – Missy made it Alabama safely
2. Praise – Dusty has a job!
3. Prayer – Continued prayer for Dusty and for their family

Don Simmers – Prayer – – his liver is shutting down, but doctors believe it can be turned around – – prayer for good tests

Renee Johnston – Prayer to stop being a “people pleaser” and to focus on pleasing God instead – – prayer for strength

Caelan Cisneros – Prayer

Brandi McNulty – Prayer requests:

1. Maya McKibbin (12 years old) – – having difficulty with chemo and low white blood count – – prayer for her family also
2. Prayer for her parents (Fred & Donna Salmon) – – prayer for safe travels as they’re in Alaska

Please Pray

Betty Staley – She missed some steps when coming out of her house and hurt her leg and ankle and can hardly get around – – please pray for healing

Praise and Prayer Requests

Tonya Langston – Baptism

McKenzie Parks – Is having a tonsillectomy on Tuesday (7/30)

Missy Massey – Prayer/Praise: Prayer – for travel mercies on Friday (8/2) – she will be driving to Alabama alone. Praise – Dusty got a job (prayer that he will feel the need to mend relationships) Praise – She’s thankful for God’s provision when she needs things.

Praise and Prayer Requests

Shaine Reas – Baptism

Lee Anna Reas – Baptism

Bret Moye – Baptism

Jennifer Moye – Baptism

Kelly Long – Baptism

Luisa Fabian – Baptism

Terri Svendsen – Prayer for traveling mercy for Team Hardee Travel Baseball Team  as they travel to Myrtle Beach, S.C. on 7/26 through 8/3

Elaine Rivera – Prayer for the family of Rosario Diaz who passed away 7/13

Stacie Whaley – Prayer requests:

  1. Closure
  2. School- N.W.E.S.
  3. Melany Milby’ s brother who was involved in a motorcycle accident – – pray for his recovery
  4. Unspoken

Prayer Request

Brandi McNulty — please pray for a friend — Kim McKibbin’s granddaughter Maya who was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor today. She will be undergoing 6-8 months of chemo. Maya is 12 years old. Pray God’s healing hand be upon her and give the family peace as they got through this trying time.

Praise and Prayer Requests

John & Sara Hall – Praise & Prayer – – they’re in the process of adopting a little boy (Tristan) – – pray for the transitions not only for Tristan, but for their girls, their family, and Tristan’s foster dad.

Missy Massey – Prayer requests:
1. Dusty Massey – to listen to God and come back to church
2. Paige Massey – to desire her career choice and seek employment in that area
3. Missy – for family relationships to come back together

Aaron & April Walkington – Prayer requests:
1. Aaron – he feels God has directed him to help young adults and he is looking for guidance to do it God’s way!
2. Prayer – for a fellow Christian in need of prayer
3. April – Prayer for her wrist – – she has a surgical consult on Wednesday (7/17)

Chris & Brandi Basey – Prayer requests:
1. Travis, Brandi & Baby Peyton Maldonado – Peyton was born on Friday and they’re all doing well!
2. Prayer – for a homeless man they’ve come in contact with
3. Bill & Dee – health issues
4. Mrs. Francis – Recovering from back surgery

Rose Schneider – Rededication


Please Pray

Billy Green – Health issues

Myles Albritton, Sr. (Judy Davis’ dad) – Health issues – – he’s in Bartow Regional Medical Center