Please Pray

Ketus Thomas – Prayer for Malachi Palacios (he was born 5 weeks prematurely on April 20th – – his mother is Amy Forbes Palacios). He is still in the hospital with multiple health issues and the doctor has told Amy to not plan on going home until at least June, and she has 2 other kids.

Prayer Requests

Missy Massey – Prayer for Fernando Islas – – medical issues

Carey Crawford – Continued prayer – – the pathologist’s report showed cancer was detected in 3 out of 21 lymph nodes. She goes back to Moffitt on May 16th to set up chemotherapy plan – – she’s recovering well from surgery, but is really scared about the chemo again.

D’Lise Wyckoff – Prayer for Kayla and the Painter family (Justin Painter was killed in an auto accident over the weekend) – – Justin was a dear friend of Kayla’s – – prayer for strength for Kayla and for the family as they go through this time of need.

Theresa Dempsey – Prayer – – her oldest son passed away on April 27th – – prayer that he was saved

D. Williams-Tatis – Prayer for her son (Malik) – – that God will order his feet/actions and deeds in the direction God wants him to go; also prayer for her family

Linda Thompson – Prayer for her neighbor (Lori) – – needs to feel that she’s worthy – – prayer for Linda to have the right words to say to her

Prayer Please

Evelyn Davis (Gene’s sister) – Is in Bartow Regional Hospital with pneumonia & the flu – – they have moved her to the heart unit because her heart rate goes way up when they give her the breathing treatments – – please pray for healing

Update on Emmett Albritton – He’s in the hospital in Birmingham Alabama undergoing chemo treatments for Leukemia before he can have a bone marrow transplant – – treatments are going well – – please continue to pray for healing

Prayer Requests

Susana Rodriguez – Prayer for her family and for God’s blessing on their new home

Jaklynne Carlton – Prayer for her mom – – she’s been sick for about a week and the doctor suspects she has a stomach infection and has run tests – – prayer for the results to come back quickly and for the medicine to help her

Ron & Naomi Abraham – Their son (David – 54 yrs. old) passed away Sunday (4/28) from cancer – – prayer for their family during this difficult time


Prayer Update

Emmett Albritton (Myles & Anitia’s son / Gene & Judy Davis’ nephew) – They have found that Emmett is worse than they originally thought – – please continue to lift him up in prayer

Please Pray

Lawerence & Sarah Holton (Don & Rose Simmers’ daughter & son-in-law) – They have a very important meeting on Thursday (5/2) – – please pray for God’s will to be done in the outcome of this meeting

Praises and Prayer Requests

Katey Crawford – Baptism

Lori Abbott – Prayer

Emmett Albritton (Myles & Anitia’s son / Gene & Judy Davis’ nephew) – he has been diagnosed with leukemia and begins treatment today (4/22)

Prayer request for Feed 5000 recipients – Clarence, Bill & Dee, Ms. Francis

D’Lise Wyckoff – Prayer

Eddie Hernandez – Prayer to have strength to minister to the people in his workplace and strength to withstand and stand strong in an unchristian work environment

Linda Hernandez – Prayer – – she’s been struggling with the memories of the past losses – – prayer for peace, strength and trust

Anonymous prayer request – for employment and housing

Praises & Prayer

Lilyan Agee – Baptism

Nicole Murphy – Baptism

Raymond Colson – Baptism

Gene Davis – Prayer for some tests he’s having done on Friday (4/19)

Prayer Request

Shannon Masten – Doctors found a tumor in her brain last week..she will be going for a second opinion and to see what the next step is sometime this next week – – please pray for healing

Please Pray

Sue Davis (Gene’s sister-in-law & Lori Spinks’ aunt) – Passed away last night (4/11) – – please keep her husband (Ray) and the rest of the family in your prayers during this difficult time. The funeral services are as follows:

  • Viewing will be on Sunday (4/14) from 2:00-4:00 PM at Hancock Funeral Home, 945 East Broadway, Fort Meade
  • Funeral will be on Monday (4/15) at 10:30 AM at the First Baptist Church in Bowling Green