Please Pray

Lawerence & Sarah Holton (Don & Rose Simmers’ daughter & son-in-law) – They have a very important meeting on Thursday (5/2) – – please pray for God’s will to be done in the outcome of this meeting

Praises and Prayer Requests

Katey Crawford – Baptism

Lori Abbott – Prayer

Emmett Albritton (Myles & Anitia’s son / Gene & Judy Davis’ nephew) – he has been diagnosed with leukemia and begins treatment today (4/22)

Prayer request for Feed 5000 recipients – Clarence, Bill & Dee, Ms. Francis

D’Lise Wyckoff – Prayer

Eddie Hernandez – Prayer to have strength to minister to the people in his workplace and strength to withstand and stand strong in an unchristian work environment

Linda Hernandez – Prayer – – she’s been struggling with the memories of the past losses – – prayer for peace, strength and trust

Anonymous prayer request – for employment and housing

Praises & Prayer

Lilyan Agee – Baptism

Nicole Murphy – Baptism

Raymond Colson – Baptism

Gene Davis – Prayer for some tests he’s having done on Friday (4/19)

Prayer Request

Shannon Masten – Doctors found a tumor in her brain last week..she will be going for a second opinion and to see what the next step is sometime this next week – – please pray for healing

Please Pray

Sue Davis (Gene’s sister-in-law & Lori Spinks’ aunt) – Passed away last night (4/11) – – please keep her husband (Ray) and the rest of the family in your prayers during this difficult time. The funeral services are as follows:

  • Viewing will be on Sunday (4/14) from 2:00-4:00 PM at Hancock Funeral Home, 945 East Broadway, Fort Meade
  • Funeral will be on Monday (4/15) at 10:30 AM at the First Baptist Church in Bowling Green

Praise & Prayer

Myrna Wilday – Praise – – she’s thankful for the prayers lifted up on her behalf – – the medicine the doctor gave her worked and the itch on her back is GONE!

Rocky & Gena Kitchens – Prayer for Gena’s brother (Sgt. Mark Carte) – – he’s been deployed to Qatar for 1 year with the National Guard (in charge of security) – – please pray for his safety and that of his unit and for their safe return.

Prayer Requests

Nadine Bowman – Prayer for her mother – – she fell on Saturday (4/6) and is in critical condition

Krystle Massey – Prayer for Dusty – – for God to touch his heart and for him to open up and receive it – – prayer that he can forgive himself so he can heal

D’Lise Wyckoff – Prayer requests:

  1. For their uncle (Rev. Roy Hancock) – – he’s in very poor health and has been in and out of the VA Hospital for weeks dealing with numerous issues – – prayer for his health to improve and for emotional and spiritual strength.
  2. For herself – – unspoken prayer; she’s still praising God for the good news she’s received regarding her health and for the continued strength she gains every day.

Joy Roberts – Prayer – – she’ll be having foot surgery on Wednesday (4/10) – – prayer for healing and pain relief

Bob and Myrna Wilday – Prayer – – They are planning to leave soon to go north for the summer, but they got word Sunday after church (4/7) that their 5th wheel they live in while there, was burned up when the barn beside it burned down – – please pray for safe travel to upper New York and for them to find housing there.

Please Pray

Buell Knight (Carlene Schumann’s dad) – Passed away this morning (4/5) – – Services will be Tuesday morning (4/9) here at FCC – – the visitation will be from 10:00-11:00 with the funeral to follow – – please keep the family in your prayers during this difficult time

Prayer Update

Mary Boyette – Surgery went great yesterday – – her chances moved from 10% to 30% and the doctors are very pleased. The family appreciates all the prayers – – please continue to pray for healing

Praises and Prayer Requests

Caelan Cisneros – Baptism (Wednesday 3/27)

Alyssa Steger – Baptism

Callie Eisenhauer – Baptism

Derek Camilo – Baptism

Dianne Welch – Baptism

Orpha Craib – Thankful for the prayers for Ron & Naomi Abraham’s great-granddaughter (Anna) – – her surgery went well

Rocky & Gena Kitchens – Praise – – Their niece (Makenna Garboden) came home Saturday (3/30) – – they’re thankful for God’s perfect timing and for all the prayers

Prayer request for Mary Boyette – She’s still very ill and is having major surgery today (4/1) at Tampa General Hospital

Myrna Wilday – Prayer – – the itch on her back is coming back and the doctor has determined she has an infection – – she’s on medication – – please pray the medicine works

Stephanie Roberson – Praise – – Trent’s surgery went well and the mass that was seen by so many specialists was nowhere to be found – – God is amazing and they know they’re blessed!

D. Williams-Tatis – Prayer for her son (Malik) – – that God will be in his heart with each decision he makes for his life; prayer also for Hasan & Ronald – – unspoken prayer for life, salvation & health

Rose Schneider – Prayer for her dad; also prayer for God to restore her love for her dad

D’Lise Wyckoff – Praise – – she’s thankful for answered prayers and the many blessings God has given her – – her surgery was successful and she’s cancer free!

Lori Abbott – Praise – – David Magee Sr. has been healed of lung cancer – – God is good!