Prayer Needed

Fay Straughn (Nikki Brown’s aunt) – Prayer – – her husband (Charles) passed away. Please keep the family in prayer during this difficult time.

Please Pray

Melvia Tidwell (Missy Massey’s aunt) – Prayer – – she broke her hip. Surgery went well, but she’s not handling it well.

Praise & Prayer

Brittany Mishoe – Baptism

Chelsey Amanda Brownlee – Baptism

Darlene Pineiro – Prayer for caregiver burnout and depression

Praise & Prayer Requests

Kimmi Harrison – Baptism

Victoria Thompson – Baptism

Amy Carnes – Prayer for gall bladder surgery on Tuesday (8/6)

Missy Massey – Prayer for safe travels as she and her dad travel to Alabama on Thursday (8/8) and then back home on Monday (8/12)

Please Pray

Cody & Linda Gerber (friends of Alexis Gillispie) – Prayer… they’re dealing with major health issues and a lot of stress.


Mackenzie Bacon – Baptism

Prayer Needed

Amy Abbott Carnes – Prayer…she’s scheduled for a HIDA test on her gallbladder next Wednesday (July 24th). Please pray it shows what’s going on so the doctors can help her. 

Please Pray

Ricardo Valdez – Prayer

Darlene Pineiro – Prayers for serious caregiver burnout

Prayer Requests

Lori & David Magee – Prayers for travel mercies as they travel across Country. They left on Monday (7/8) and will be gone for 2-3 weeks.
Chris & Nikki Nava – Prayers for Chris’ shoulder surgery taking place on July 22nd.
Amy Abbott Carnes – Prayer…she’s having gallbladder issues and will be going for a surgical consult on Thursday (7/11) to see if it needs to be removed.

Praises & Prayer

Lily Moye – Baptism

Crews Gaskins – Baptism

Dylan Langston – Baptism

Harleigh Bass – Baptism

Tyler Crutchfield – Baptism

Ryan Newman – Baptism

Lori Magee – Prayer for her husband as he is working and driving across the country…please pray for travel mercies as Lori and their 3-year-old travel with him for 3 weeks. Also, pray for their family.