Please Pray

Buell Knight (Carlene Schumann’s dad) – He’s 91 years old and is in an assisted living facility in Sarasota (Sarasota Bay Club) – – he has pneumonia and is not doing well

Prayer Update

Mary Boyette (Donna Roberts’ grandmother) – Things have taken a turn for the worse, and the next 2 days are critical. They’re going to look at things tomorrow (3/30) and see if things are improving at all. They’ll determine then if they’re going to just let her go peacefully or try to do something else. Please continue praying.

Please Pray

Mary Boyette (Donna Roberts’ grandmother) – Her small intestine has ruptured and gangrene has set in – – she’s having emergency surgery at Tampa General

Jaxson Thompson (Donna Roberts’ 9-month-old son) – Has a fever and they can’t keep it down – – prayer for healing

Praises and Prayer Requests

Julie Bridges – Prayer for the Lord to reveal the path He wishes their family to take and that He guides them safely down that path

Mike & Donette England – Prayer for their family

Rocky & Gena Kitchens – Prayer update: Their niece (Makenna Garboden) is eating and gaining weight – – she’s still in NICU, but they praise God for answered prayer – -please continue to pray for positive progress so she can go home with her family

Myrna Wilday – Praise – – the prayers for her from 2 weeks ago are working

Orpha Craib – Prayer for Ron & Naomi Abraham’s great-granddaughter (Anna – 5 years old) – – she’s having surgery on Thursday (3/28)

Joshua Sanchez – Prayer for a friend that’s going through some trials and tribulations right now – – for spiritual & emotional strength

Caelan Cisneros – Rededication

Nikki Milby – Prayer for two of her co-workers – – one has a son needing a lung transplant; the other has a 1-week-old grandbaby that has a lot of complications

Nicole Murphy – Rededication Suzanne Cisneros – Baptism; Membership Kathleen Hood – Baptism

Suzanne Cisneros – Baptism; Membership

Kathleen Hood – Baptism

Krystle Massey – Prayer for their family – – that God will touch Dusty’s heart and help him forgive himself – – prayer for strength for Krystle and Jayden as they try to help him

Earl & Ethel French (Linda Thompson’s brother & sister-in-law) – Prayer  – – Ethel has never-ending sickness that the doctors can not figure out – – prayer for healing and strength. (If you would like to send a card of encouragement, their address is 404 E. Green St, Waveland, IN 47989.)

Praises and Prayer Requests

Mackenzie Rae Thompson – First-time Acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior; baptism

D’Lise Wyckoff – Prayer Requests:

  1. To keep God 1st in all areas of her life, not just in some
  2. Prayer for her surgery on Thursday (3/21) – – that all cancer is removed and that there are no signs that it has spread; also prayer for a speedy recovery
  3. Unspoken prayer request

Linda Hernandez – Prayer to make God 1st in ALL areas of her life

Rocky & Gena Kitchens – Prayer update for their grand-niece (Makenna Garboden) – – she’s still in NICU – – prayer that she’ll be able to eat soon. Please pray for continued healing & sustaining strength & peace for her parents.

Dale & Sabrina Crawford – Prayer

Continued Prayer

Donna Salmon & Family – The arrangements for Donna’s sister (Mary Smith) are as follows:

  • Friday Evening (3/15) @ 6:00 PM – Celebration of Life at Dover Advent Christian Church in Dover
  • Saturday (3/16) from 2:00-3:00 PM – Family will receive friends at Hopewell Funeral Home in Plant City. Interment will follow @ 4:00 PM at Myrtle Hill Cemetery in Tampa

Please continue to pray for the family as they go through this difficult time

Prayer Request

Kayla Walker (Judy Davis’ cousin – lives in Augusta, GA) – She’s pregnant and is in the hospital with major complications

Prayer Needed

Donna Salmon & Family – Donna’s sister (Mary Smith) passed away tonight (3/12) – – please pray for the family during this very difficult time.

Jam Team Presents: I Can Only Imagine

Is heaven real? Do angels have wings and play on harps all day?
Are my loved ones really there? The streets…are they made of gold?


Jake finds himself greatly missing his grandma. He wonders if heaven is real, if his grandma is really there. Join Gabe, Michaela, Angelica, Faith, Hope and Gloria from “Glorious Day Travels & Tours” as they help Jake realize that heaven is indeed real, that he can see his grandma there, and he can know the joy and feel the anticipation of spending forever with Jesus in heaven! This beautiful story in drama and song will be performed by our K-5th Kids World choir on Sunday, April 28th @ 10:45 AM. Invite your friends and family now…don’t miss the opportunity to experience this heart-warming kids musical- “I Can Only Imagine”.

Praises and Prayer Requests

Carey Crawford – First-time acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior; Baptism

Oren Crawford – First-time acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior; Baptism

Taylor Graham – First-time acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior; Baptism

George Wadsworth, Sr. – First-time acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior; Baptism

Demetria Ellis – Baptism

Myrna Wilday – Prayer

Benny & Sue Boone – Prayer for Sannie Dibbel – – cancerous tumor on her head

Dick & Caroline Ellis – Prayer for their friend (John Roth) – – he’s having heart valve replacement surgery on Monday (3/11) at the VA Hospital in Tampa. Also, PRAISE – – Brad got a good job – – please continue to pray for Demi to get a job as well.

Caroline Ellis – Rededication and prayer to remember that she is second and God is first

Missy Massey – Praise – – God is working through people at Bowling Green Elementary; also, prayer for Dusty to desire God again.

Mary Lugo – Prayer for her friend (Betty Howze) – – she’s very ill and in Florida Hospital Sebring

Rocky & Gena Kitchens – Prayer update – – their grand-niece (Makenna Garboden) is still in NICU. Please pray that she will be able to be fed soon. She is currently stabilized, but needs to tolerate food. They’re thankful for God’s goodness and sustaining grace for Makenna and her family.

Brandi Basey – Prayer – – one of our Feed 5000 members passed away – – prayer for his family. Also, please pray for another Feed 5000 member – – he’s had problems with his hip and is having trouble getting surgery & pain medication.

Kathy Hawk – Praise – – she celebrated 5 years clean this past week!

Donna Salmon – Prayer for her sister (Mary) and the rest of the family – – they ran some tests on Mary’s heart this morning (3/11) and things aren’t looking very favorable. Mary is still in St. Joseph’s Hospital.