Please Pray

Carolyn Hilt – She’s having trouble with her eyes – – prayer for healing

Please Pray

Mike Milby – Prayer for his mom – – she is scheduled for surgery on Wednesday (1/30) to fuse vertebra in her neck.

Prayer Update

Dusty & Krystle Massey – Are home from the ER – – Krystle is 5 weeks pregnant and baby is okay – – Praise God!

Praises and Prayer Requests

Amy Knight – Prayer requests:
  1. Amiee Dellepere Larue – because of high blood pressure, she had to have a C-section at 26 weeks of pregnancy. The baby girl (Sadie) only weighed 1 lb. 4 oz. – – both are doing well. They will test the baby’s brain on Monday (1/14) to be sure everything is okay – – please pray for the family.
  2. Hope Senkeleski – is in Tampa General Hospital in the beginning stages of having her baby – – please keep Hope, Bobby & their little princess in your prayers

Kimberly Canary – Prayer

Phil Bumby – Prayer – – he’s having trouble with his eye

Wanda (Feed 5000 recipient) – Prayer – – she’s having cornea surgery on Thursday (1/17)

Jim & Nancy Parry – Praise – – they’re excited to be able to be dual members (6 months here & 6 months at their church in Liverpool)

Missy Massey – Praise – – Dusty & Krystle are back together – – prayer for healing and restoration of their marriage

Orpha Craib – Praise – – her sister (Mary Clark) came home from the hospital on 1-8-13 and is free of pain – – thank you for the prayers

Prayer Request

Decie Rouse – Is in Sarasota Memorial Hospital (Room #879 A)

Dusty & Krystle Massey – They’re at the ER in Sebring

Praises and Prayer Requests

Nathan Glenn Jones – Baptism

Dennis Jones – Baptism

Amber Lynn Jones – Baptism

Hope Senkeleski – Continued prayer for her brother (Matt) – – he was a pedestrian hit by a car on 12-6-12 and he has been in a coma since – – unfortunately there hasn’t been any real progress or change in his condition

Orpha Craib – Prayer for her sister (Mary Clark) – – she’s in a lot of pain and is in the hospital in Indianapolis, IN

Stacie Whaley – Prayer requests:
Tara Green – Miscarriage
Jan Knight – prayer for her parents – – her dad has cancer and her mom has leg pains
Barbara Bailey – prayer for comfort and peace after the loss of her husband (Eddie Bailey)

Marlene Hyde – Prayer as she goes through a few transitions in her life

Richard & Caroline Ellis – Prayer that his surgery goes well Monday (1/7) and that he heals quickly and has no pain when standing & walking afterwards

Crosby Family – Prayer

Wynell Davis (Lori Spinks’ mom) – Prayer for Velda Hall – – she has cancer

Carol M. Knight – Prayer for the family of Margaret W. Clardy (her cousin) – – she passed away on December 18th – – grave side service will be on January 12th @ 11:00 AM

Joy Roberts – Prayer requests:
Barbara Bailey & Family – Husband (Eddie) died unexpectedly Wednesday morning (1/2)
Robert Roberts – Was thrown from a horse on Thursday (1/3) and has a very bruised back – – Praise God there were no fractures
Stephanie Rhoden Lee – High school friend that has brain tumor and liver cancer
Slade Hayman & Family – His dad (Jack Hayman) passed away on Saturday (1/5)

Where He Leads Me I Will Follow!

Wow! All I can say is WOW! God is totally amazing. In my humble pursuit to begin meeting and befriending those in our homeless community as God has called me to I have learned a few things that I’d like to pass along.

They are real people.
It’s totally amazing. So many times we pass right by a homeless person and try to pretend they aren’t really there. I’ve been guilty of seeing a homeless person and making sure to avoid eye contact at all cost. I figured if I didn’t see them see me then everything was fine, I wouldn’t have to stop. This kept them from becoming “real” to me. Stepping out of my box and actually going up to one man helped me learn this next very interesting point.

They know when we are avoiding them.
While sitting down at a table having breakfast with one homeless man I’ve met it was very interesting to see from his perspective how many people avoided him. At least 5 times while were eating together people who know me, who speak to me every single time they see me, only managed to make a small gesture my way simply because of who I was sitting with. I saw the look of his face as he saw each one of these people do their best to avoid having to talk to me because I was sitting there talking to him. WOW…did that ever open my eyes.


Prayer & Praise

Jennifer Whatley – Baptism

April Walkington – Prayer for wisdom & guidance to help her niece (Rosie Schneider) to find the path God would have her follow as she comes to live with them

Ray & Pat Graham – Prayer

Orpha Craib – Prayer for her sister (Vivian Jackson) – – she had eye surgery on Monday (12/31)

Prayer Update

Decie Rouse – Is out of the hospital and back at Resthaven and doing well – – thank you for the thoughts and prayers

Praises & Prayer Requests

Lori Abbott – Rededication and Baptism

Lynda McArthur – Prayer for her son and daughter-in-law (Paul & Olivia) – – prayer that they will fully dedicate their lives to Christ

Dick & Caroline Ellis – Prayer for Dick’s back surgery on Monday (January 7, 2013) – – prayer that all goes well and that this corrects his problem and he will be able to walk & stand again without pain

Yvonne Abbott – Praise – – she’s thankful to God for keeping Kyla safe this past week – – prayers were answered in this emergency situation

Nadia Ybarra – Praise – she’s thankful to God for holding her fast and for continued blessings & favor

Kacy Pitt – Prayer for her cousin and his son that was involved in a bad accident; also prayer for everyone in the path of the winter storms and for all who lost loved ones in Sandy Hook Elementary shooting

Jackie & Skip Tamm – Prayer for our troops and our government