Prayer Requests

Rocky & Gena Kitchens – Prayer for their newborn grand-niece (Makenna Garboden) – – she’s in Shands Hospital in Gainesville for emergency bowel surgery and respiratory difficulties (she was full-term…c-section delivery) (Parents: John & Carlene Garboden / Grandparents: Robert & Earlene Carte) – – prayer for healing, comfort and for God’s will.

Crosby Family – Prayer for Wayne’s coworker (Sean) – – his sister was found dead on Friday; also prayer for a family in Zolfo whose home burned down

Dusti Taylor – Prayer for a friend (Polo) – – he’s 55 years old and has congestive heart failure. He’s been told he is too old for a transplant, but for $1 million up-front he can be put on the waiting list – – he’s a Christian and asks for prayer for God’s will.

Kimberly Canary – Prayer for safe travels for her and Joley and 30 others going on a school trip to Washington DC – – they fly out Tuesday (3/5) and return next Sunday night (3/10)

Tracy Davis – Prayer for her family in Pennsylvania – – her father passed away Sunday (3/3) – – she’s thankful for forgiveness and the time they were given, as well as the hope & peace God has given her.

Missy Massey – Prayer for the “Jericho walk” at Bowling Green Elementary at 3:00 Sunday (3/3) afternoon; also prayer for Krystle (she’s sick and needs healing) and Dusty (for his relationship with God – – for him to realize God is all he needs).

D’Lise Wyckoff – Prayer – – testing for her cancer will begin next week and she is forever grateful for church family members who have helped to make that possible. Also, she’s thankful for grace and forgiveness – – she knows her God is greater than anything she has to bear.

Jaklynne Carlton – Prayer for her Papa (Sammie Lowe) – – he had a total knee replacement 2 weeks ago and is now home doing well – – prayer for healing and for no infection set in

Prayer request for Curtis (24 yrs old) and his wife (Caitlan) – Curtis has heart problems…Caitlan is pregnant with their 1st child and some irregularities are showing up in her blood tests. They both have jobs that do not provide sick leave – – prayer for healing and salvation.

Please Pray

David Hamar (Winnie Gordon’s son-in-law) – fell and broke both elbows – – he’s in surgery now at Florida Hospital, Wesley Chapel. Please pray for the doctors and for healing.

Praises and Prayer Requests

Carol Knight – She would like to thank everyone for their prayers for her and her family in the past few weeks following the loss of her mother

Missy Massey – Prayer – – Bowling Green Elementary is being prayed over (Jericho march) each afternoon this week @ 4:00 PM (Saturday time is whatever time works best). Sunday, March 3rd, is at 3:00 PM for 7 times around the block. Please pray for blessings.

Prayer request for Carolyn Hall – She was recently diagnosed with lung cancer

The Hogue Family – Thankful for all of the prayers for their trip – – it was a very productive trip and they should know more in 3-4 weeks. They give all the glory to God!

Phillip Bumby – Prayer for Meredith Dishman Church – – for her walk with God

D’Lise Wyckoff – Prayer – – she found out this week that her cancer has returned – – prayer for strength and healing – – prayer for her family…to ease their worry. Also, prayer for their finances – – they’re facing enormous up-front costs that they weren’t prepared for that need to be met before all tests and treatment begins. They know that God is good and will provide!

UPDATE: Jim & Jackie Alls – Jim’s son, Jim, came home yesterday – he will have to have a visiting nurse for quite some time as he will have to have the IV going for several weeks. The good news is that the spots on the liver was from the severe infection within his system – so, now no sign of cancer. His heart problem is still not good. They are not sure about this problem – it could be from the infection or something else with the valves. He is also on a blood thinner to try to avoid a stroke or heart attack. He is not to work – just walk around the house for 45 minutes a day to keep up his strength. He is very upbeat and so thankful that his life has been spared. We all thank our Lord and Savior for his abundant love and grace.

PRAYER: Jim Alls (the elder) – He has macular degeneration in his eyes – – the left one is in the early stages. He has had shots in both eyes and has a follow up on March 15th.  He is very upbeat and his outlook is good – just pray that the shots will stop the progression – as there is no cure at this point for complete healing. So far, our prayers are being answered – God is so Good!!!
Mary Pardy – Membership

Jim & Nancy Parry – Membership

Joe & Rosemary Gicker – Membership

Laurie & Mary Armstrong – Membership

Praises & Prayer Requests

Laurie & Mary Armstrong – Rededication & Baptism

Donna Roberts – Rededication

Eddie & Linda Hernandez – Prayer for Linda – – she’s having surgery on Wednesday (2/20) – – prayer for a quick recovery; also prayer for Linda’s mom – – she has an appointment at Moffitt – – prayer for good results

Andy, Jamie & Miranda Hogue – Prayer for their trip to UPMC this week. They meet their doctor team at 8:00 AM on Wednesday and then they will begin testing – – prayer for them to have strength to endure the testing and for safe travels. Also, pray for the doctors to have God’s wisdom and knowledge to know how to move forward in treatment for Jamie & Miranda.

Rose Schneider – Prayer for her sister and her nieces

Crosby Family – Prayer – – they’re experiencing panic attacks

Jim & Jackie Alls – Prayer for Jim’s son, Jim Alls (he is also a Jim – just different middle name) – – he has an infection from having seven teeth pulled and is now in the hospital. The doctors think now that he may have cancer on the liver and also the infection has gotten into his bloodstream. He is in good spirits at the present time, and we are praying that the surgery tomorrow will rule out the cancer scare. They live in Linden, Virginia and he is in the hospital at Winchester, VA.

Prayer requests – continued prayer for those seeking a job and for those struggling with addictions

Prayer request for the family of Decie Rouse – Funeral services for Decie will be Tuesday morning (2/19) here at FCC – – the visitation will be at 10:00 followed by the funeral service at 11:00 – – please remember the family during this difficult time

Prayer Request

Dusty & Krystle Massey – They are under spiritual attack – – prayer for protection from the evil one and for wisdom

Praise and Prayer requests

Chuck & Carol Knight – Prayer for their family (both local and out-of-state) – – Carol’s mother (Mary Manchester) passed away this morning (Sunday 2/10) somewhat unexpectedly

April Walkington – Praise – – for a growing family in God – He has really been working with them!

Missy Massey – Prayer to communicate with her family using God’s words and not hers; also prayer to be patient and know that God is in control

Carol M. Knight – Prayer for her brother (Harvey Melendy) – – he is legally blind and has had 2 cornea transplants previously, but they didn’t work and he has to have his eye removed

Please Pray

Mary Smith (Donna Salmon’s sister) – Will be having a pacemaker/defibrillator put in today (2/11). The plan is to do bypass surgery when she becomes stronger.

Praises and Prayer Requests

Maci Kate Gaskins – Baptism

Krystle Massey – Prayer for her family

Linda Hernandez – Prayer for her doctor appointment – – that she will get to feeling better and the doctors will find out what is making her sick

The Crosby family – Prayer for their neighbors – – one of them was injured and taken to the hospital and the other one is very sick with a cold

Decie Rouse – Is in Florida Hospital-Wauchula (Room #207) – – she’s doing better, but still needs prayer

Prayer request for those continuing their struggle with addictions

Praises and Prayer Requests

Drew McGuckin – Baptism

Prayer request for Justin English – He was in a wreck on Sunday morning and sustained cracked vertebras, fractures and road rash – – he’s on a vent, but stable; prayer for healing and for his family

Prayer request for our troops

D. Williams-Tatis – Prayer for her sons and their families – – that God will dwell in their lives and hearts, and prayer for God’s protection

Chuck & Carol Knight – Prayer for their niece (Michelle Lee) – – she is having heart surgery on Monday (1/28) UPDATE: She is out of surgery and doing well in ICU for a day or two. The mass was scar tissue, not a tumor!

Orpha Craib – Prayer for her sister (Mary Clark) – – she’s having gall bladder surgery on Wednesday (1/30) UPDATE: The surgery went great and she came home the same day – – thank you for the prayers!

Stephanie Camacho – Prayer – – she feels that God is leading her on a journey (possibly away from her home church)

Melodie Kincaid – Prayer

Dusti Taylor – Praise – – they have an answer to Zach’s sleep disorder – he has sleep apnea – – prayer as he adjusts to using a c-pap machine

Tracy Davis – Prayer for her father (Dave) – – he has stage 3 brain cancer. He’s a believer, but she’s worried about his salvation – – prayer that he will get it locked in.

D’Lise Wyckoff – Prayer

Prayer Request

Sandy Stambaugh – Having knee surgery Tuesday (1/22) in Tampa